Habibs Aesthetics Hair Serum Review

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HABIBS Aesthetics Hair Serum

If you have dry, curly and treated hair which you are not able to tame then use this serum…well that’s what this serum said to me when I first saw it last year in a local super store.

habibs aesthetics hair serum
As you must have guessed by now, I have dry, rough and treated hair which also gets amazingly frizzy in monsoons.
I had been using livon but It wasn’t really working for me so when I saw it, I thought Jawed Habib is a known name and a world renowned hair expert so this serum has to be good, without wasting any more time I purchased it.

Now let’s talk about the product-

It claims to work for dry, curly and treated hair.

Directions to use it – For best results take a few drops and apply on the hair after the final rinse to make hair smooth and lustrous.
Price & Quantity – Rs. 140 for 50ml. However I got it for Rs 130 only.

Packaging – It comes in a dark green see through plastic bottle with a screw cap, along with a white stopper which has a dispensing hole in it.

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habibs aesthetics hair serum review
Texture & fragrance– It’s a clear transparent serum, slightly looks like hair oil. It’s not runny and nor too thick. It has an oily feel to it when you pour it on to your hands. However, it’s not at all oily on hair. The fragrance is mild and doesn’t last long on hair.

Shelf Life- 3 years

My experience-
Well to be honest, I have mixed feelings for this serum. I had a lot of expectations from it but it could only deliver a few of them. Firstly I thought it would make my dry and rough hair soft and smooth. Secondly I thought it would treat the damage on my hair i.e. rough ends and frizz. And thirdly I thought it would tame my natural curls/waves which go haywire with every stroke of air.
But don’t think that it’s a useless product, it works to some extent like it does soften the hair to a level, it does control the frizz, and it makes hair shiny. So there are things that I like in it.

I usually use it on damp hair instead of wet hair not because of any specific reason; I just don’t like to touch my hair when they are dripping wet.

I take a penny size quantity and rub it through the length of my hair, and whatever is left on my hands I apply it on the crown of my head.

Habib's serum swatch

1. Makes dull and rough hair shinny.
2. Doesn’t make the hair oily.
3. Works well on damp as well as dry hair.
4. Has a nice mild fragrance.
5. Controls the frizz.
6. Softens hair.
7. Easily available.
8. Detangles hair.
9. Affordable.
10. Not tested on Animals
11. Long shelf life.
12. Travel friendly

1. Doesn’t make the hair as soft as it is projected on the packaging.
2. Doesn’t work for split ends.
3. The effect doesn’t last for more than 2-3 hours.
4. The ingredients are not listed on the label.
5. Won’t work for extremely dry and curly hair.
All in all, I don’t think that I would ever repurchase it again, because it failed to live up to my expectations. This serum will only work for people who have relatively low hair damage and frizz.

I would say it is suitable for people with oily to normal hair.

Rating – 2 out of 5

I hope this review helped you in choosing your hair products wisely!!

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  1. omg! i was just about to buy this an hour back at the local store, but then thought of checking review on IMBB first! n see the coincidence, this review is posted today only! IMBB is surely my gaurdian angel 😀 nice and detailed review Jasmine, well done 🙂

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