15 Hacks About Bobby Pins you Should Know

Bobby pin is also known as bobbing pins or hair pins, which is nothing but a metal or plastic hairpin with its primary use to hold hair. Tracing back to history, the trend of bob cut had gained momentum not only in western countries but also in Indian cinema. These hairpins where used to hold the bob cut style, after which they were popularly known as ‘Bobby pins’. I agree the primary care of bobby pins is to hold the hair well, but besides this, there are many other uses of bobby pins which we actually may not know. Let’s explore the potential uses of bobby pins that every girl should know:

Bobby Pin Hacks

Bobby pins

1. To use bobby pins in a right way and direction.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know The Right Way

The most common mistake that every girl tends to make is to insert bobby pins in the same way they hold it in your hand. The side which has the longer holding side should be kept downwards when wearing on your hair.

2. Fix your loose bobby pins.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Hairspray

If you feel your bobby pin is not able to hold your hair and slips off every time, take some hair spray and spray it on bobby pin before you wear on your hair. You can also use Dry shampoo to fix your old pins.

3. Fix your belt in place.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Belt

If your belt goes around your hip every time you walk, take 2-3 bobby pins and fix it tightly with your belt and jeans. Henceforth, it is on the correct place.

4. Lift up your pony tail.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Pony tail

If you want a high pony tail, then you can do it with the help of a bobby pin. Make a pony tail and fix it high with bobby pins.

5. Hair accessories.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Acessories

Although now we have jeweled bobby pins available in market, you can make it yourself at home according to your preference and taste.

6. Fix your bangs back.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Bangs

Sometimes bangs create a problem for you, as it may keep falling between your eyes or may divert your attention. Take few bobby pins, hold your hair straight back and fix it with a bobby pin.

7. Fix with your inner garments.

Bobby pins help to fix your inner garments with your cloth so that it is not shown off unnecessarily.

8. As a Zipper holder.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Zipper

Chain often gets broken or it is very difficult to pull the chain back to your neck. Bobby pin can be used a chain holder, which will bring ease in pulling your chain up or down.

9. Accessories.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Neck Piece

You can make trendy hair piece or earring with the help of coloured bobby pins. Pair some difficult coloured bobby pins together in a simple chain and your neck piece is ready!

10. Nail art.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Nail Art

Bobby pins can be used to make different designs on your nail. It can be used as good as pencil, which will help you to get the perfect nail art.

11. Get your broken nail fixed.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Chipped Nail

It is always a case when your nail breaks halfway and you are very careful with the rest of the nail. You can always use bobby pin to keep it safe.

12. Eyebrow.


It is always said to apply olive oil on your eyebrow, if you need to grow them well. You can apply olive oil or Vaseline on your brows with bobby pins.

13. To get a perfect braid hairstyle.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Braids

Braids are in the air and not only followed by Bollywood celebs but by any simple girl too. Use colourful bobby pins to make your braid look more beautiful.

14. Book marker.

 15 Hacks About Bobby Pins You Should Know Bookmark

It can also be used as a book marker or even as a few page holders.

15. Conceal your face properly.

It sometimes happens that, you leave an edge near your nose with foundation properly. In that case, take some face concealer on your bobby pin and fix those empty places.

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  1. great tips. i had an emergency at the mall, last week. My chudidar pant- the nada just broke while I was walking and I could feel it slowly coming down till my knee. I held it over my dress and ran to the nearest loo. I was not sure how to handle the emergency as i had no safety pins with me, it was so frustrating. I had only bobby pins!!! so i bobby pinned, after folding the chudidar at the waist in certain places and walked directly to get an auto home. it held all that while. THANK GOD!!!!

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