8 Amazing Hacks for Brides to Sweat Less on Their Wedding Day

Hello ladies,

Today, we would be talking about few amazing hacks for brides to sweat less on their wedding day. As marriage is the most important phase of your life, none of us wants to struggle with sweating issues like we always do. You want to look beautiful, gorgeous and like the most beautiful bride in the world. But, there are few ways that can help you getting embarrassed at the wedding and one common problem may be excessive sweating. No matter what time of the day is your wedding, due to external factors and stress you tend to sweat heavily on your big day.

Brides to sweat less on their wedding day

Well, here are some hacks to avoid sweating on your wedding day.

1. Get an Appointment with a Dermatologist:

As soon as your wedding date is finalised, you can alternately visit a skin care specialist or maybe a dermatologist to treat the problem of sweating. You should speak about your problem and get the problem treated. However, if your problem is not that serious, the expert can help you out with certain do’s and don’ts on your wedding day.

8 Amazing Hacks for Brides to Sweat Less on their Wedding Day2

2. Botox Injections:

Botox injections are popularly known for beauty enhancement on the face but, these injections are also used to control sweat in feet, hands, underarm and forehead. It is advisable to visit an expert at least 8 to 10 weeks before your wedding date. Generally, getting botox injections for sweating issues goes up to 1-2 days and not more than that. You can opt for micro Botox mini-injections that are painless and also goes up to 6 months. Another method is to opt for Radiofrequency. Radiofrequency is completed in just 4-6 sittings and then you can see the results instantly.

8 Amazing Hacks for Brides to Sweat Less on their Wedding Day5

3. Use Lemon:

If sweating is not a serious issue, you can temporarily treat it by using lemons. A natural option to treat heavy sweating is using lemons. Apply some lemon juice during shower and allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Now, wash off with lukewarm water. Due to Vitamin C present in the lemon, it helps to prevent excessive sweating.

8 Amazing Hacks for Brides to Sweat Less on their Wedding Day

4. Wear Dark Color Wedding Lehenga:

You should try to wear a dark color wedding lehenga especially when your wedding is in the summer season. Dark colored wedding lehengas are the best when it comes to hiding sweat marks and strains, especially in the underarm area. While selecting the dress, opt for dark colors so that the sweat strains are not highlighted.

8 Amazing Hacks for Brides to Sweat Less on their Wedding Day8

5. Wear Sandals with Sweat Absorbing Insoles:

Because it is your wedding, you may want to wear the sexiest and fancy heel available in front of you. But if you sweat more, there are chances that the sweat from your feet is released thus, making you feel uncomfortable while walking. You should be wearing sweat absorbing insoles so that it helps to soak the sweat easily.

8 Amazing Hacks for Brides to Sweat Less on their Wedding Day3

6. Avoid Fancy Lingerie:

Like we said before, you should choose comfortable clothes and especially when it comes to your inner wears. Wearing fancy lingerie inside your wedding dress can not only make you feel uncomfortable but also induce sweating. Sometimes, the case gets worse with excessive scratching and itching sensation.

8 Amazing Hacks for Brides to Sweat Less on their Wedding Day4

7. Avoid Caffeine Drinks and Oily Food:

You should stay away from alcohol and caffeinated drinks on your wedding day as it will help you to feel confident and stress-free. You should also stay away from oily and spicy food as it generally triggers sweat in a person.

8 Amazing Hacks for Brides to Sweat Less on their Wedding Day6

8. Use an Antiperspirant:

Gently massaging a good and strong antiperspirant into the skin in the morning and before going to bed helps you to get rid of the sweating problem. So, you must use an antiperspirant.

8 Amazing Hacks for Brides to Sweat Less on their Wedding Day1

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