How to Choose the Right Hair Brush

How to Choose Hair Brushes?

Choosing the right hair tools is as important as choosing the right makeup tools. In fact, I would say it’s more important as one can still do without makeup tools and look beautiful naturally however, not using right hair tools for managing and styling your hair for daily basis may just make you look not so presentable. If you haven’t done so already, you should make brushing your hair as a vital routine no matter how perfect your natural hair is since it regulates blood circulation around the scalp especially near hair roots, thus nourishing your hair. Hair brushes should be chosen according to hair type and styling needs.

Hair Brush
Hair Brush

1) Round Brush: A round hair brush is circular shaped with 360 degree bristles. Everyone should have this in their collection due to its multi purpose usage. This can be used for all hair types and lengths for purposes like giving volume to fine hair or curling & straightening different hair types. You can use a smaller brush for tighter defined curls or a large brush to curl just the ends of your hair or to straighten your hair while blow drying. Chose such a round brush where you can wind up your hair against the circular surface atleast once no matter your length.

2) Vent Brush: A vent hair brush could be either cylindrical or flat but its specialty is that it contains holes or small openings on its base. It could be either concentrated to only the middle or it could be spaced out throughout the brush. This provides ventilation for the hair letting air to pass through the brush which speeds up the blow drying process; hence, the name. For this very same reason, its bristles are also widely spaced. This brush is also great for adding volume and shaping the hair.

Hair Brush
Hair Brush

Left to Right: – Small Round brush, Big Round brush, Vent brush, Paddle brush, Cushion brush

3) Paddle Brush: Paddle Brush is flat brush which has a cushion pad on the surface and small ball shaped pins at the end of every bristle which helps in massaging the scalp & restrains from pulling of the hair. This is a great brush for medium/long thick straight hair as it smoothens while lengthening. It is best to avoid this brush for short, curly or fine hair as it does not add volume nor does it help in detangling.

4) Cushion Brush: These brushes are much like the paddle brushes. Only since it’s smaller in size it can be suitable for all lengths of hair. It is a good brush for daily use as it distributes natural oils and nourishes the hair making it healthy. It works great for leveling the hair before setting it in rollers.

Ceramic brush
Cushion brush

5) Ceramic Brush: You can find these brushes in many shapes. It is a part electric brush which makes it different from hot air brushes which are charged entirely by electricity. The metal center of this brush gets heated by the heat from your blow dryer. This heat helps speed up the hair drying process while adding volume. It is best to avoid this brush if your hair is chemically treated or damaged.

6) Styling Brush: It’s a super thin brush with few rows of bristles. It’s just a brush version of a rat tail comb with a pointed end which works great for styling, shaping & creating volume for all hair types.

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22 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Hair Brush

  1. Long back I used to have a round brush but now it’s just combs. 😛 😛 I am going to pick some of the hair brushes now. Thankoo… :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    1. wow! this is timing! i just bought a Bare Essentials paddle brush and i so love combing my unruly wavy hair now 😀
      great post Insiya 🙂 :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    2. @Rati welcomes :-* :-* I keep switching from combs to brushes on a timely basis 😛

      @Suma I just use cushion brush since paddle brush does no good to my super curly hair 🙁

  2. Hi Ladies,

    Sorry to barge in with an unrelated query here but its kind of important.

    I want to buy following products from fabindia urgently:

    Tea tree face wash
    Coral glow face pack
    Alovera Conditioner

    But the problem is I am not getting any of these in Mumbai’s Fabindia outlets. I looked for these in atleast 4-5 fabinida but no success.

    Also, the skin care range cannot be ordered online as it is not available on their official site.
    Is there by any other means I can get these.

    I want these I want these I want these

    1. Hi Shikhs , i visited FabIndia just last week and i saw Tea Tree face wash and the conditioner there, didn’t see (but wasn’t looking for) Coral Glow face pack. Maybe you could visit more stores, or even better ask their staff where you can get the particular products you want.

    2. Hi shikhs,

      I was also looking for the Coral Glow face pack in Kolkata but the SA informed that the product had been withdrawn as it would be discontinued. :reallyangry: 🙁 😯

  3. hope rads is not around to see my comment 😉

    until last year, i have seen comb at my mom’ place, never tried to look at it or reach for it :silly:

    this year i got a comb, hair brush, clips……. and a hair serum 😮

    while shopping, when my beau asked me to pick a hairdryer i said, i dn’t even need comb, from next year 😎 :clap: :clap: :dance: :dance:

    1. so u mean until u saw the comb at ur moms place u have never combed your hair? I have a friend too who does not possess a comb/brush and still her hair is so naturally beautiful. I can never do without either a single day !!

  4. I use the “Roots” paddle brush which was gifred by one of the salons….it’s been years now & it needs a change….guess I’ll try Vega now as recommended by Fathima

  5. I love using hair brushes..totally stopped using combs except a wide toothed comb for damp hair.
    I think with the right brush styling one’s hair is real easy….

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