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I have fine, low volume hair slightly longer than mid back length and I am trying to grow them longer. To shed my body flab, I joined a gym about 2 months back and almost daily after doing so much of workout when I step out of the gym, I am totally drenched in sweat, including my hair!! As soon as it dries a bit, it frizzes up badly. So I am left with no choice but to wash my hair daily which gave me damaged and dry hair with split ends. I recently switched to TBS Rainforest Moisture range. Can you girls suggest some hair care tips while at gym? Any protective hair style, home care tip to avoid frizz and dryness or any alternative to a daily hairwash, if any exists?


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  1. thanks dr.rashmi, i vil check out the link.
    ife, i am currently trying co-washing but again its not helping me much!

  2. when you sweat excessively esp after the workouts I believe there should be no shortcuts. You gotta keep your scalp clean so, shampoo with PH balanced mild shampoos that are suitable for daily use. To control frizz and split ends conditioners are a MUST and trim your hair every three months. I absly dove Dove haircare range. See what suits you best.

  3. I’m not too sure if it will work for you but I just rinse my hair with plain tepid water everyday in the shower after my workout. I’m not too comfortable with washing with chemicals everyday. You might try baby shampoo too as it is gentle enough to be used everyday. But then my hair is in pretty good condition and I don’t really care about a little frizz. 😀

  4. Even I had the same question
    I sweat a lot while exercising…
    I also end up washing my hairs daily 🙁
    Which one is good dry shampoo for oily scalp… i really need it badly…
    Because I m in chennai n its very hot here n while walking or exercsiing i sweat a lot which makes my scalp oily n greasy…

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