Hair Color Trends You Need To Know

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Hope you’ll are doing great. I am sure most of us love coloring our hair. Coloring our hair can give us a drastic makeover. Some of us opt for global hair color, while the others opt for highlights. Today I’ll be listing down a few hair color trends that every woman must know before opting for one.

hair color trends


highlights on dark hair

As most Indian women have natural black/brown hair, they can opt for ombre/blonde/Auburn highlights. One can also choose to highlight their hair with two tones like one light shade and other a darker shade.

Dip Dye

dip dye hair

If one doesn’t prefer highlights or global hair color, they can choose to dye the ends of their hair. Dip dye technique has recently become extremely popular. One can choose from a range of shades such as ombre/golden brown/platinum brown/deep brown, etc. Dip dyed hair looks beautiful when they are left open as well as when they are tied up in a ponytail or in a braid.


sombre hair

Sombre is a lighter version of ombre. It is a little subtle than ombre hair. It gives a very natural look to your hair. As sombre highlights tend to give you a more natural look, some should choose a shade that is 4-5 times lighter than their natural hair, so as to achieve the perfect somber-hair. As sombre is a lighter version of ombre, it looks more natural and adds dimension to your hair.


flamboyage hair

Flamboyage is a tricky technique in which transparent adhesive strips are used to color the hair. It is a combination of ombre and balayage. It is a technique used to give soft, peek a boo highlights. If one doesn’t want to go overboard with ombre, they can definitely try sombre or flamboyage.


ronze hair

Ronze is a mixture of Rich Red and Bronze. It looks amazing on every skin tone. It’s a new trend and many celebrities are following it as it looks amazing on short as well as long hair.


ombre hair

Ombre is one hair color trend that you may spot on most women this season. Ombre hair color is darker near the roots and a lighter hair color is applied towards the ends. It is a combination of two colors, the darker color, which is a little lighter than your natural hair color, is applied from the roots towards the mid length of your hair, and the lighter shade is applied from the mid length of your hair, until towards the end.

Streaks on your Fringe

colored bangs

Highlighting your fringe is a good idea if you don’t want to color your hair entirely. If you want your fringe to stand out, then this is one option that you may opt for. You can take small sections from your fringe and highlight them. One can choose any shade which is lighter than their natural hair color. Women with black hair can opt or deep browns, burgundy, chocolate brown. Women with brown hair can opt for light brown shade.


balayage hair

Balayage is a technique used to create natural, sun kissed highlights. It is a technique where the color is applied by hand using a brush. This helps to make your highlights look natural. It is low maintenance and looks good on everyone. This hair color trends looks best on women with wavy hair and on women with light curls.

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