How To Use Hair Dryer

How To Use Hair Dryer

Knowing the type of hair dryer you should opt for is the first and the foremost step before you attempt to blow dry your hair with an enviable perfection of a salon. Have a look at the different types of hair dryers that are available in the market today.


Types of hair dryer:

• Ceramic dryers distribute heat evenly and dry hair more quickly which in a way causes less damage to the hair. These dryers contain self-regulating heaters and motors that can sense the temperature around it, and adjust according to the need.

• Ionic dryers produce negatively-charge ions that enable them to seal moisture into the hair, resulting in smoother hair. They are great when a person wants to add body to limp, lifeless hair.

• Tourmaline dryers heat up quickly, which can make drying time up to 70 percent faster. These dryers smooth and soften hair without frizz and heat damage.

Don’t waste your money in buying cheap, one-setting dryers, as the lack of control over the heat will ruin your hairs’ cuticles. If you blow-dry your hair frequently, it’s worth investing in a good dryer. Once you have the tool it’s time to use it to add shine and body to your hair.

Mentioned below are few important things to bear in mind when you decide to use a hair dryer.


• Before using any type of heat on your hair protect them with a leave-in product.

• Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb and divide them into sections for easy handling. Use a paddle brush if you want a smoother and straight style. Whereas opt for a wide round brush if you want to give some volume and body to your hair.

• Start with the lowest heat setting possible to avoid heat damage.

• Keep your dryer pointing down, from roots to tips. If air is directed upwards, the cuticle will open, resulting in frizz and tangling.

• Slowly move the hair dryer, keeping it at a safe distance from your scalp to avoid burning,
as you dry your hair. Do not leave it on one section of hair for longer period until you want to damage your hair.

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Keep in mind to:

• Never use a blow dryer if there are any electrical wires exposed.
• Avoid using a hair dryer around water or when taking a shower or bath.
• Don’t use the hair where aerosol, spray products are in use.
• Look at the attachments offered with each hair dryer. A nozzle to concentrate the air is a good feature. Diffusers are also popular and are important for people with curly hair.

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