Does Hair Grow Back Thicker After Plucking?

There are different ways of removing unwanted hair from your body and skin. There are many manual hair removal methods, some of the common ones are plucking, tweezing, shaving, threading, and many more. Waxing is the most popular hair removal method taking into account the slow growth of new hair and also the clean and polished effect you get with waxing. Another easy and popular method to remove facial hair is by plucking it out. There are many myths associated with plucking hair and one of the most common one is that after plucking, your hair will grow back thicker.

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Well, many hair experts conducted a research on this topic and then came to the conclusion that plucking indeed increases your hair growth for some time. You need to understand that through plucking, you are targeting the hair follicles and thus with repeated plucking, your hair follicles get destroyed. Eventually, hair follicles get damaged and that effects hair growth. Compared to threading and shaving, hair will grow back slowly because it is removed from the root. But yes, with plucking, you can also witness thicker hair growing back. This is because post plucking, hair which grows back is outwards hanging and it is quite straight. Thus, to you, it may appear that the hair has grown back thicker, but in reality, it is not thick. If you still feel the hair is thick, it may be because of hormonal imbalance and not actually because of plucking out the hair.

In order to get best results out of your plucking experience, let’s have a look at some points when you are opting to pluck out the hair:

  • Pluck your hair after having a warm shower. This will open up your pores and then your plucking experience will be much more smooth and less painful.
  • Try to hold the skin tight when you are plucking. This will ensure that you have a smooth grip when you are pulling out the hair.
  • Hold your tweezers/pluckers tightly. This will ensure that you get proper support out of your pluckers.

Additionally, always pluck in the direction of your natural hair growth. This will ensure that the hair removal process is smooth and painless. Also, try to avoid plucking during menstruation period as hair removal can be painful during that time. Finally, don’t forget to sterilize your tweezers every time.

So, answer the question about whether hair grows back thicker after plucking, the answer is no, it may seem that it does, but it is not true.

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