Is Hair Loss after Pregnancy Permanent?

During pregnancy, most women are blessed with thick and dense hair, you may think, wow, pregnancy has given my hair some life! But then once your little one has arrived, it’s time to say bye-bye to voluminous hair. Most women are shocked and some feel depressed to find that their hair fall issue has accelerated. Some women even notice bald patches! But fret not! Do not think hair loss after pregnancy is permanent. Severe hair fall that women experience in their post-pregnancy period is not permanent.

What Causes Hair Fall after Pregnancy?
In the normal hair growth cycle, some hair is lost every single day, but during pregnancy, there is an increase in the levels of estrogen in your body which freezes hair in the growing phase of the cycle. Hair that normally fall off stays intact which results in thicker and fuller hair on the crown, making you extra happy! But after your little pumpkin arrives and your estrogen levels decline, all that hair that was in resting stage starts to fall out.

Is Hair Fall Permanent?
Hair loss is temporary and it doesn’t mean you’re deficient of nutrition or vitamins, it’s simply hormonal according to experts. Sometimes hair falls out all over your head or clumps may come out when you comb or during a hair wash. Often women lose a lot of hair around their hairline, and the hair looks very fine in the front, it may seem like you’re going bald but the good news is you’re not. Hair fall is not permanent, it may last for 4-6 months and slowly the hair will grow back normally. Just stick to iron, zinc, biotin, selenium supplements and you would have lustrous hair all over again.

Tips To Prevent Hair Fall:
1. Get yourself a new haircut: Give yourself in professional hands, visit a salon and take advice from a hairstylist that would suggest you a fresh new hair-cut for that much needed volume! Go little shorter as shorter hair tends to look voluminous and heavy!
2. Change sides: If you usually part your hair in the middle, switch to a side part and this would hide your thinner area and also you’ll enjoy a new look!
3. Accessories: Wear hair accessories like scarves, headbands, caps and bandannas they are fun and stylish ways to conceal hair loss. They’r extremely popular among new moms who have little time to spend in their hair care routine!
4. Try different hairstyles: Best hair styles for thin hair includes messy bun, messy updo, loose French braid, bob hairstyles, front bangs, classic bob, asymmetrical bob, haircut with waves.
5. Prenatal supplements: Consume prenatal supplements to support your hair, skin and nails. They are loaded with essential vitamins that will help your and the baby’s body if your breast-feeding. Consult your doctor regarding prenatal supplements for best results.


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