Hair Mask for Split Ends – Do it Yourself

Hair Mask for Split Ends – DIY

Dear ladies…,

How have you all been? How is the weather in your city? Its quite pleasant here in Kolkata, still not unbearably nippy. This is just what I like.

Anyways let me get back to the matter in hand. Most of us have been through a time when we struggle with our split ends. We stare at them , and wonder how to get rid of them instead of going all chop-chop on the hair.. but many of us ,including myself ,think that our hair is too precious to chop off like that, so we’d rather stick to it, stick to not cutting our hair off no matter what, which makes the condition worse.


Getting rid of split ends might be cutting those edges off, but what if you could conceal them….with nourishment and shine! The ends of your hair split because of dryness and lack of nourishment ,and the root cause being when the upper protective layer is ripped off due to continuous pressure on hair ,with chemicals ,and heat and of course pollution.therefore to treat the hair intensively ,and intensive mask is required to help prevent split ends and to slowly and eventually get rid of them.


What we need:

• Mayonnaise
• Coconut oil
• Egg yolk.


How to prepare the concoction:

• Take an egg and separate the yolk from the whites on a bowl
• Take ½ teaspoon full of coconut oil
• 2 spoons full of mayonnaise (with or without egg)
• Now mix all these together very well.
• Apply it on the length of hair,concentrate more towards th ends which is the most susceptible to splitting.
• Leave for 45-60mins
• Shampoo and condition as usual



• Protects from splitting,and the already splitted ones could be mended with regular use(once every week,if the condition is unspeakable of ,then twice)
• Could be used to mend unmanageable ,dry and brittle hair.
• Nourishes hair
• Gives incredible shine and softness
• All kitchen ingredients,easily available

Hair gets the goodness of L-cysteine from mayonnaise–an amino acid and powerful antioxidant that can give your hair strength, shine and structure and is also a keratin- forming substance that increases the hair shaft and hair growth density.Egg yolk is a rich source of vitamins enriched with vitamins A,B,D&E,and coconut oil helps strengthen hair and adds shine to it.


• All of the above mentioned results are based on my personal experience, if it has worked for me, doesn’t necessarily mean it would fare that good to you as well.
• The quantity is dependent upon your usage, if you want to treat only the ends then the above mentioned quantity is enough. But if you want to apply greatly to the lengths then increase the quantity of each ingredients keeping the ratio same
• After mixing you might find little chunk-lets of mayo refusing to get down and mix completely,but that’s alright,leave them like that.
• Mayo smells funny which might be a put off for many, in that case use a few drops of vanilla essence
• Dry ends could only be corrected with prolonged use, also by minimizing shampooing to not more than twice a week, minimal use of heat , as far as possible.
• The mask could also be kept overnight.

Hope this would help.

See ya next time girls.ciao.

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