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Everything changes with time. Our face becomes wrinkled, skin sags, hair turns white and fall. But due to our lifestyles and eating habits these signs of ageing appear early than they should. The most common being hair fall.

hair regrowth
Lustrous locks can add so much to your personality and a bald patch can take so much out. It is often seen that people who suffering from baldness at an early age often lack confidence and self esteem.

Baldness is not a major problem among men but women too suffer from it. Today, the market is full of hair regrowth products to counter this problem. Before choosing a hair regrowth product or treatment it is always better to identify the root cause for baldness. Any medical issues must be dealt first.

There are various ways to overcome hair problems and it is up to you to decide the most suitable for yourself.

Some oils for hair regrowth:

Oil massages nourish the roots and stimulates the hair regrowth. It increases blood circulation and prevents premature graying.
hair regrowth• Grape seed oil: Regular massage with this oil stimulates hair growth.
• Jojoba oil: Apply this oil on clean hair and let it stay for half an hour. Wash your hair as usual. Jojoba oil is great for dry hair. Moreover jojoba oil removes sebum from the scalp.
• Coconut oil: Nothing better than a weekly scalp massage with warm coconut oil.
• Olive oil: Olive oil mixed with an egg and 2 tbsp of honey is an excellent hair food. Massage scalp with this mixture and let it stay for 30 minutes. Wash as normal. Regular use of the above mixture boosts the hair growth.
• Castor oil: this oil stimulates blood circulation which in turn results in faster hair growth.

Diet for hair regrowth:

• Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. A must thing to get rid of majority of problems. Vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and turnip greens are particularly very useful. vitamin
• Drink a cup of aloe vera juice everyday to moisturize your scalp.
• Eat a handful of white sesame seeds daily. It provides sufficient amount of calcium and magnesium to fortify hair follicles.
• Eat foods which are easy to digest.
• Eat almonds and walnuts for faster hair regrowth.
• Include multi-vitamins in your diet. Vitamins play an important role in natural hair growth.  Vitamin C is essential for hair regrowth, Vitamin A to make hair less brittle, Vitamin B to maintain luster and colour of hair.

Treatments for hair regrowth:

• Hair transplant surgery: In this treatment real hair follicle is transplanted down to the root. Artificial fiber hair is also used in this treatment these days. They may last longer than the real transplanted hair. The only downside is that they do not look or feel like real hair. A good hair transplant is barely discernible.
hair regrowth• Hair concealers: With the help of hair concealers any bald patch can be camouflaged with ease. They come in various forms like:
1. Solid products: Colored powder that coats your hair.
2. Sprays: They are aerosolized polymers for thickening hair
3. Particles: They are charged with static electricity tiny hair fibers that intertwine with your own hair.
Hair re-growth products don’t work overnight. Be patient and give at least six months to a product or routine to see the results. Switching products frequently won’t help.

What do you do to avoid hair fall and promote hair regrowth?

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  1. very nice Eraaaaaaaa……… this article ……….i use hot olive oil once in a week for my dry hair…………….and sometime coconut hot oil………….. :talktohand:

  2. I made this mixture of curry leaves powder+amla powder+honey and store it for a month. I take this one spoon in the morning and 1 spoon in the night. I have to say this does miracles 🙂 Nice article Era 🙂

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