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Karthika Nair asks:

Hi all,

I have super frizzy,unmanagable, curly, mid-length hair and I am fed up of taming it every morning.One of my friends suggested permanent straightening. Since I dont prefer poker straight hair, I did not opt for it .When I visited a beauty parlour near my house,the beautician told me, that I can do either opt for hair relaxing or rebonding, because both would give a natural look.I dont know what to do.Please let me know your suggestions on this. Hope you guys understand my situation.Also, please suggest a good, reasonable beauty salon in Trivandrum.

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11 thoughts on “Hair Relaxing/Rebonding/Straightening Suggestions:Ask IMBB

  1. one of my friends did at Viji’s n another at lakme salon at bakery jn.both were good. but lots of good salons r thr.u better google n call up n ask rates with ur hair length…hw much is ur budget?

  2. Heylo 🙂
    I just got my hair rebonded 2 weeks back.. And i had the same type f hair as you have. I got it done by loreal salon. I would say go for it. It gives you long straight hair. But will have to take care of your hair since they go through such strong chemical process. I dont like pokr straight hair either so i asked my the guy to use less strong chemicals. It also had something Keratin in it.
    Rebonding is a good option only if you are ready to give more care and love to your hair.
    And get it done from a good salon and DO ask them about the Dos and donts.
    Dont be afraid to ask stupid/silly questions since what you are going to do to your hair would be permanent.
    Have fun! 🙂

  3. I got ma hair permanently straightened..a freelance hair stylist earlier working for loreal came to my place for doing…even i dun like poker straight hair so i told him i want straight but not poker it shud look natural..he used loreal moisturist cream on ma hairs to break hair bonds n then ironed n again applied another cream to close hairs r looking quite natural n costed me 6k..hey just one suggestion make sure u have straight cut to ur hairs…no steps or layers..m havin layes n it tends to make my hairs bit turned but i hav no problems with it coz it makes it look natural..hope it helps..:)

  4. I have rebonded and smoothened my hair and out of personal experience i would recommend not doing rebonding! it was the worst decision i ever made ! especially when the hair starts growing out ! its a mess ! looked terrible on me !

    u should really consider smoothening as an option.. its a straightening procedure itself but its not as harsh as rebonding and it makes you hair look naturally straight.. rebonding made me have poker straight hair ! which is so not a nice look ! 🙁 reminded my friends of a broomstick!

    Smoothening involves less chemicals and is less aggressive to ur hair ! plz do consider it and post treatment be sure to give your hair a whole lot of love ! get hair spa’s and regular deep conditioning treatments if you can at the salon!

    any treatment that you opt for will require you to stay for 48-72 hours without washing your hair and sleeping without pillows so no kinks form and your hair retains the straight shape!

    I have heard a lot about brazilian keratin treatment but no personal experience there 🙁 its supposed to be less harmful to the hair ?

    And also, most rebonding/ straightening/ smoothening treatments last 6-8 months after which you will have to go back for root touchups ! 🙂 but i remember how nice it was to wake up each morning to nice hair ! ahh good old days ! 🙂 🙂

  5. I recommend Viji’s Fair. I did my hair texturising and smoothening from there. It’s reasonable and also please please get your hair spa or protein done every month without fail. I was lazy n i am still suffering tremendous hair loss.

  6. Hey Karthika, I have got rebonding done on my hair 4 times now, and do it almost every 1.5 yrs – Schwarzkopf everytime. The deal is, the straightening effect would stay depending on the original texture of your hair…that is, if you have super curly hair you have to get touch ups done every 6 months or so. I have more or less straight hair with slight curls towards the ends and it stays on me for about 1.5 yrs. You also have to take very good care of your hair with regular oiling, spas, and DIY masks etc. and refrain from chopping the length of your hair too often as the straightening effect wont be there on the new growth. Also, you can customize the straightening by asking them to rebond only parts of your hair that are frizzy. For instance if you only want the front part or bangs to be straightened give instructions accordingly. Smoothening involves applying almost the same chemicals that rebonding does, the only difference being smoothening only involves ironing once, while rebonding involves ironing a second time after applying the straightener and washing off. I have had a very good experience with rebonding and therefore keep going back for it but I do take very good care of my hair. But do make sure you go to THE BEST salon in your city – and you have some friends who can vouch for the place.

  7. just wanted to share what I’ve read , heard abt brazillian keratin treatment. Most keratin treatments contain Formaldehyde which can cause cancer when used in unsafe proportions. AND the fact is that no keratin straightening, smoothing treatment is free of Formaldehyde , because Formaldehyde is the main active chemical here. Almost all brands contain highly unsafe percentages of Formaldehyde . DO NOT believe any brand evenif it says its Formaldehyde -free. Its just not possible. I live in Singapore and most ladies here prefer straight hair an undergo such treatments. I have done enough research and askin-around. Finally decided not to go for any keratin treatment until I find a safe brand and absolutely sure abt its quality.
    plus there are other factors like extreme heat on my hair, chemicals being inhaled and getting absorbed through scalp, aftercare, maintenance etc.
    Just saying that take a look at the ingredients of the brand and thoroughly research it.
    BTW, keratin is mostly for shiny, frizz-free hair , and not exactly for straightening. and it works wonders in that dept., but with a major risk.

  8. I have tried all kinds of straightening treatments on my hair. Out of all the treatments, I loved Shwarzkopf Straight therapy .I get that done at Lakme saloon.They charge around 10-12 k and the price again depends on the length and thickness of hair. You could get the same treatment at Habib’s too.Brazilian Keratin treatment has very strong formaldehyde odour to it while the procedure is being done.For me it didn’t last even for one hair wash.My hair went back to curly within a week. If you’re having dry, curly, unmanageable hair like me. .Go for straight therapy. It makes your hair shiny. .soft..and straight.

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