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Swati P. asks:

Hi gals…

I have been a silent reader on IMBB with few comments here and there. And I know this is the place where I could get my queries solved.

I am going to US for few months and would like to know ways for hair removal – Facial (eyebrows and upperlips) as well as Body.

Just a background here: I have thick body hair(specially on legs and Shaving makes it worse) and I have never tried waxing at home. Neither have tried epliator.


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12 thoughts on “Hair Removal Options: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi swati
    Unfortunately for your hair type, threading for eyebrows, wax (katori or chocolate) for upperlip is best.. go to some one very experienced for sure
    for legs, thick hair are best removed with waxing, but i can assure you, over time waxing will soften hair and lessen them too, im talking from personal exp..opt for wax the week after your periods, i find it lesser painful 🙂 wish u luck!

  2. To be honest, epilator will be your best friend when it comes to removing hair from your arms and legs while travelling. If you have been waxing regularly, you won’t have much problem switching to an epilator. Using an epilator once every two or three weeks will do fine. You can use hair removing cream for your under arms. I’m not sure about the rest. 🙂

  3. You can learn threading by yourself for upper lip, there are many youtube videos available. For eyebrows, its best to get it done by a professional, you can use a tweezer to pull out the excess hair.

    For face, wax strips specifically to remove facial hair are available. katori wax also can be used. You can use epistick (you can easily get it in the US) for upper lips or facial hair.

    For body, you can wax yourself, epilate, use depilating creams (not advised to be used each time).

  4. hi swati, for ur eyebrows, u can get it done professionally once and then use a tweezer (tweezerman is best!! hands down) to pluck strays every few days. dont give a long gap to this touch up coz then u will forget the shape and get confused and overpluck.
    for upperlips, u can learn threading (its very easy and simple), or try epistick.
    for chin, tweezer works best.
    for sideburns, facial wax strips are best. take ur facial bleach kit along. it will be helpful.
    for arms and legs, epilator works very well but the trick is not to let the hair grow beyond first half of the growth. else it ia gonna pain.
    for underarms, u can try the facial wax strips, or once in a while shaving or depilatory cream.
    electric shaver is also okay.
    for bikini line, electric shaver works okay.

  5. Thanks much for putting up my query so fast 🙂 and also thanks for the answers *puchhi*
    me thinks … will get the katori wax, tweezers . Would try epilators..but lil bit scared *scared*

    1. If you know someone who uses an epilator, you should first try it out and then decide if you want to go ahead with it or not. I personally feel that it’s safe to use an epilator once every 20-25 days. Epilators are a nightmare if you use them on a thick growth after a long time. *nababana*

    2. Well Swati,

      I m facing the same problem here, I am using epilator for arms and legs. I have also used brazil wax which comes in roll-on kinda bottle that was also helpful. I was also afraid for using epilator but its not hurting at all. Also i first tried the cheaper one so i can invest in good epilator if i m fine to use it, so i have replaced it now with panasonic which is great.

      you will find “sally beauty supply” store everywhere in US which have all kind of wax/ stripes etc.

      thnx /vijeta

  6. does waxing over long tym causes skin darkening n roughness??? i have heard dis frm some.. want to know.. plz reply *scared* *scared* *scared*

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