Hair: Short Hairstyle for Face Shapes

short hairstyle Catherine Bell
short hairstyle Catherine Bell

Short Hairstyle

Do you wish to carry off those short hairstyles and still look as glamorous as Sienna Miller or Meg Ryan? In that case, you have to research to see what suits your face best. Let’s start by determining what your face shape is. Face shapes can normally be narrowed into oval, square, triangle and round. There’s also the heart shape which is an uncommon shape, but common to face shapes. So here are different hair styles on different face shapes:

• Almost any haircut would suit an oval face, so experiment and take advantage of that versatile face. The pixie cut normally looks super on oval faces because it tends to accentuate the high cheekbones, which are a common feature for oval faces.

• If you have curly hair and a round face, you should consider cutting your hair really short or getting a bob that allows your curls to really flatter your face shape. The good part about really short hair is that it requires absolutely no styling and as long as you keep your locks well conditioned you’re set to go. And curls look great in any hairstyle.

• There are so many variations of the bob. The layers can be cut to suit almost any face

short hairstyle curls
short hairstyle curls

type, but the thicker your hair the better a bob looks. Triangle and oval faces are best suited to the bob, but I’ve known women with heart shaped faces that make the bob look like it was made for them!

Heart shaped faces should stay clear of bangs and go for a style that’s thinner on the top and fuller around the face, while square faces should do exactly the opposite, keeping the volume at the top of the face and thinning it down further along the face.

Now let me share some quick tips to accentuate and enhance your short hair


Do not whine because you have curly hair. Be happy that you can play them up. Use a nice pomade or gel to beautify the curls. Flip the long and short pieces upward. You can even curl and pin them up. Use tiny barrettes.

Straight hair

If you have the short bob you can texturize it at the front. Use volumizing shampoos and products. The front hair can be lifted and accessorized. If you can’t manage the lift add some foam and achieve it.


short hairstyle bobs
short hairstyle bobs

If you already have the bangs, nothing like it. If you don’t go get them, like right now! Try pinning the bangs to one side. If it’s not settling down try some hair spray or gel. Bangs can seriously accentuate your face and give it that flirt factor.

Keep them natural

Keep it natural. Coil them, pin them, braid them, bunch them. Everything will look good with small hair. Do not forget to accessorize the small hair; the accessories make the hair look so very cool and playful.

Short Ponytail

Trust me this looks very sexy. Not just sexy, it looks feminine and sporty too. Use small barrettes, clips, baby clips with claws or gel to style them. Short hair holds a better ponytail when they ain’t washed daily.

Highlight them

Highlights render a very chic and cool look to your short hair. Keep them layered and messy. They should be multidimensional or multicolored. No I don’t mean get a rainbow done on your head. Two or three shades of the similar color will work wonders.


15 thoughts on “Hair: Short Hairstyle for Face Shapes

  1. Those days r gone :'( , awaiting to get ma wedding to be over……..
    then i can put my face forward and my hair behind the saloon chair…….. 😛

  2. after marriage jus convince him, :chic:

    may be i can share my secret with u 😉

    i put all those puppy faces in front ma mom in law and she said u luk cute either way molu :-* mataji ki jai :lashes:

    after marriage have it as u wish and also told my beau not to interfere in ma styling and dressing 😛

  3. Awesome article 😀
    i have short hair and it took a while to go from LONG -SHORT
    Now i am happy, just waiting for it to grow LONG
    Never going to cut it short again 😛
    because i am bored of short hair now, i want it LONG

  4. i wish i had the styling sense of VB or at least her money 😛 cause she makes everything looks good and bloody give us a freaking courage to go ahead and cut our hair pixie 😀 Then she gets bored of her hair she puts 25k pounds extensions, and WHAT aBT US VB? 😛

  5. I love both..!!! Short Hair is my Fav.. I changed my face look with short hair, when I bored with Long… It feels me very Light and Bouncy…:D

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