5 Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day

So, finally you have found your Mr. Perfect and the wedding preparations have started all around you. The enthusiasm in the two families of respecting each other and becoming one huge family is the best part of wedding. Now, once your wedding has been fixed, the ultimate concern of getting a proper hairstylist or a good in budget makeup artist begins. It is not necessary to appoint a makeup artist and hairstylist separately but there are a few things you need to watch out for on your big day

1. Using Conditioner

5 Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day

If you have appointed a hairstylist, she is sure to warn you against conditioner. You should avoid using conditioner on your wedding day because sometimes your hair becomes too silky and smooth which makes it difficult to secure them in a bun. Moreover the hairstylist is going to use hairspray, so it is advised not to conditioner that day.

2. Updo Hairstyles

5 Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day

If you think, an updo hairstyle is the only one which would work on your wedding day, then think again. After all, it is a big fat wedding and you deserved to be graced upon. You have plenty of hairstyles which look more cool and sexy than a simple updo. Adding an hair accessory to your hairstyle would also look great on your wedding day.

3. Don’t over Accessorize

5 Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day

Being simple is the key to achieve the perfect hairstyle for your wedding. You must have seen many times that hairstyles with many accessories makes you shine like a bright star. Also, don’t forget to keep in mind your wedding dress, choose accessories which complement your attire. Whether it is a bridal gown or a lehenga, they are completely embellished from top to bottom so keep your hairstyle simple and don’t go overboard.

4. Talk to your Hairstylist

5 Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day

You should always speak to your stylist about the hairstyle which would complement your face structure well. In case, you have a broad forehead, ask him to fix your hairstyle properly so that you feel gorgeous at night. Also consider the bobby pins used for fixing the loose hair back; they might directly poke you on the scalp. So, before you step out for Agni Pheri and before the guests get a sight of the gorgeous bride, loosen your bobby pins a bit so that you feel comfortable.

5. Hair Changes

5 Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day

Making extreme hair changes before your wedding day can lead to biggest mishaps. Opting for a hair color or going for an extreme haircut should be strictly avoided. It becomes very difficult to fix the tiny hair on your hairline which would then get highlighted. Trying a new hair color should at least be 6 months before the wedding because this is the period when your hair undergoes extreme changes which includes split ends, dryness, morning frizz etc. If you don’t tend to avoid these mistakes, you are sure to be surprised well on your

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7 thoughts on “5 Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day

  1. Very good tips Rima, as always. I would love to see Indian brides with some other hairstyle than an updo, especially myself someday. 😛 I absolutely hate trying my hair up.

  2. loooved the article rima. I remember I had almost 100 hair pins in my head the day i got married because of the updo. As soon as i entered my new home, the first thing I asked sanjeev was to remove all my hair pins. lolll!!!

      1. Rati we want you to share some wedding pics of yours 🙂 We would be waiting. Not only me and Shikha but many would surely want to see them

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