Hair Tonic for Healthy, Strong and Shiny Hair

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It’s a beautiful day today with little drizzles of rain teasing me! I love such weather.  😀 I have been experimenting A LOT with my hair these days! Of course, nothing chemical but all safe and natural. I am strictly against chemical treatments especially when it comes to my hair. So, usually we all have hair issues, and the most common being dull, lifeless hair. Well, worry not since this potent hair tonic will leave your hair nice and healthy. In fact, people who do not like oiling their hair, here is a huge ‘shout out’ for you guys.

Hair tonic for hair

Things You Will Need:
1 Cup  – Aloe Vera Juice
1 Cup – Amla Juice
10-20 – Curry Leaves
20-30 – Neem Leaves
1 tbsp – Fenugreek Seeds
4 Cups – Water
I use Patanjali Amla and Aloevera Juice.

• Take 4 cups water in a sauce pan
• Add neem leaves, curry leaves and fenugreek seeds to it
• Let it come to a boil
• Remove from flame and keep the above water in the saucepan overnight
• Next morning, strain out the neem leaves, curry leaves and fenugreek seeds
• Add 1 cup of aloe vera juice and amla juice
• Let it mix well and fill it in a bottle

• Strengthens your hair from the roots
• Makes hair soft and shiny
• Works on hair fall
• It is good for people with dandruff as well
• Strengthens your hair follicles hence will boost hair growth
• Will not make your hair sticky/oily (Though you will need a hair wash; but it won’t be messy)

• Keep it in a glass bottle with a tight lid
• Store it in a refrigerator
• Will stay put for 10-15 days or more; if no extra herbs added

When used consistently, this will really give a perfect amount of nature’s boost to your locks making them gorgeous. Also, in the long run, this will help you a lot. After reading the benefits aren’t you excited to try this out?

Have a super nice day!

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12 thoughts on “Hair Tonic for Healthy, Strong and Shiny Hair

  1. Hi Vidhi, could you please tell how to use this.. apply before/after oiling hair or use it as last rinse? I’m experiencing bad hair fall these days 🙁 want to try this..

  2. Hey Vidhi… Today I was thinking about you and I read this DIY 🙂 🙂 … Truly awesome … Bareskinessential queen … Want to give it try ….Has the same question as naina 🙂

    Thank you sweety 😉

  3. Hey girl, loved the idea. Can it be left pver night on hair? Does amla affect the coloured hair?? Would have liked to see how it actually looks. Can you put some pictures??

    1. Hi Pritha! Yes sure my current batch is over.. I intend to make it on the weekend will update the pictures then… Over night I haven’t personally tried… just keep it for an hour I suggest…

  4. Pretty impressive DIY !! Would love to try. I have same que as its tonic and not oil how to use it ? As like oil application or as hair mask ??

  5. Hey vidhi,
    Can you please tell me if i can use aloe vera gel, all natural from the plant itself or should i buy aloe vera juice..? I have all other things including amla juice..

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