Hairstyle: Hairstyles for Short Hair

short hair hairstyle
short hair hairstyle

Hairstyles For Short Hair

Gone are the days when women loved long Rapunzel hair. Of course there are many women who love long hair but with the changing times and fast lifestyle, women love their hair short and totally non-tacky.

So here’s an article or rather a complete guide on hairstyle for your short hair.

Short hair gives you the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles and hair dos. And trust me 80% turn out to be a true hit. But these hairstyles are totally dependent on the length of your hair. Short hair length may be super short, reaching your jaws or chin.

Firstly, short hair looks great when permed, so you ought to try it. Perming actually give you hair a new look and shape. You can try the pin curl or root perm. A perm can also volumize your hair.

After the perm look, for sophisticated neat and clean hairstyle you can try pin-end straightened hair.  The bob cut hairstyle suits almost all the face shapes and jaw lines and the length of the bob depends totally on your face shape. You possibly can’t have a very short bob for a tall neck and a long face. The longest strand of the bob must be just one inch above your chin.

Styling the Bob

• The bob preferably looks great with straight hair, for accentuating your bob you can also razor it at the nape or simply add some shimmery highlights.
• Use rollers at the top to add volume to your hair for a perfect bob.
• Women with thin hair must use pomade. Women with thick hair ought to avoid wax and dry pomades strictly.
• Do not overdo the perm.

The angled bob hairstyle is the current frenzy with ladies all over the world; this bob can vary in size from short to long. The good old retro way of cropping hair with flip ends and a crown is yet in vogue.

If you don’t like the straight sharp ends at your bob get a razor help. Razor help or razor treatment is used to soften any sharp hair cut irrespective of long or short hair. Razor notches the ends and makes them blunt. A razor can be used to trim wavy or straight hair; it hardly makes any difference to the stubborn curly hair.

You can accentuate your blunt ends by highlighting them with bright and funky colors like red, or blonde. By using a straightening iron you can emphasize on the ends of the hair ends and use wax or pomade to diffuse them.

It’s a myth that only long hair can be layered. But the truth is that short hair can be layered and they look absolutely lovely when layered, but in the right way. The Pixie is one such cut.

The Pixie has choppy, uneven layers which are sheared at the nape and the crown. The fringes and bangs are optional.

Styling the Pixie Cut

• A texturizing cream or product helps in showing of the multi layers of the pixie, so have it on.
• A styling gel is a must to show off this hair cut.
• With the help of a round brush and our good old hair dryer you can create a wavy effect for your pixie.
• You can use a curling iron or large rollers for the right wavy effect.
• Do not forget to add some pomade after this.
• For the casual look, condition your hair and style them with your fingers, the comb is not at all required here.
• The messier the Pixie is the better it looks.

If the layers are kept long at the progressing end then you can roll them for beautiful curls. If you want to fake volume to your hair, you can have loops (bigger curls) in your hair. You can curl the hair in the interior and open up the curls with your fingers or a brush. You can also use a hair dryer for diffusing curls.

For super short hair, you can pin up only at the facade and top or simply pin them one sided for a wavy effect.
Here are some fun ways of Accessorizing short hairstyle

jennifer behr hair accessories
jennifer behr hair accessories

You can always pep up your short hair with a little bit of bling and shine.
• You can use small clips here and there. I do not mean, you must use a lot of clips.
• Ribbons, I know you must be having a very funny view about ribbons but you can use ribbons as a hearband or slim skinny bands which matches your dress as well as keeps your hair back. You can match the ribbon color with your neck piece too.
• Flowers. The real ones, the artificial ones, both look great. Do not decorate a garden on your head just a flower somewhere in the hair. This is great for proms, wedding and such occasions.
• Hair combs, barrettes, stick pins, French pins, jewels and enhancements all look great with short hair.

short hair styles
short hair styles

Here are few hairstyle tips for your short hair
• Use a smoothing cream or gel for setting your hair, unlike the long hair you possibly can’t have a clutch clip or rubber band to hold them tightly.
• Always set your short hair when they are damp. It’s the vice versa for long hair.
• Use gel or cream after completing the setting too, this will keep the setting intact as well as keep the look soft and shiny.
• The base setting, that is at the top must be done as per the shape of the head, if not done so, this may create an elongated or disastrous shape. This also gives a natural impact and flow to your hair.
• Use a curler to add volume to your short hair.
• For having a neat and polished look for your short hair use a flat iron, turn the ends of the hair slightly inward.
• You can simply pin your hair for a neat look or leave them down for a casual one.
• Clipping the bangs and fringes in a versatile way with barrettes and small pins look goreous.

Last but not the least, short hair care and hairstyle products and tools, all you need is your normal mousse, a good conditioner, a styling gel, a volumizer, pomade, finishing gloss, shampoo and curl and frizz products. No, No, don’t panic you do not need all of them pick the ones which you actually need and pick them carefully.

Whilst picking the above hairstyle products do not forget to pick the right brushes and combs for your hair. As you know not all brushes and combs are meant for your hair type, so choose wisely since these tools and products play the most important role in your hairstyle. Do not forget to pick a good hair dryer.

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