8 Hairstyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older

By Khadeeja A.

Hey everyone,

Hairstyles play an important role in changing your overall appearance. You might have noticed that despite wearing the perfect dress and the perfect makeup, sometimes we still fail to look good. This might be due to the hairstyle mistakes that we unintentionally do to our mane. The wrong hairdo not only spoils your perfect look, but it also makes you look older. So, here are a few common hairstyle mistakes that you should stop doing in order to look younger!

1. Combing your Hair Backwards and Setting Them Too Tightly in Place:

This is a very common mistake that we tend to make on lazy days. When you push your hair backwards and tie it tightly, it makes your forehead look long and your hair looks flat. This makes your face look dull and plain.

Tip: Try to avoid hairstyles that make your hair look flat. And, for that extra volume in your crown area, try to lift up the roots by blow drying your hair. You can also try teasing and backcombing your hair.

8 Hairstyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older7

2. Choosing the Wrong Parting for your Hair:

I have noticed that sleek hair with middle parting is very much in trend and many Bollywood divas are flaunting it with style. But, not everybody can carry that look easily. Before you sport this look for an occasion, make sure to try it once and check whether it is enhancing your facial features. This will help in avoiding last minute failures.

Tip: Make sure you select your parting depending on your face shape and also your hairline.

8 Hairstyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older2

3. Choosing the Wrong Hair Colour:

Hair colouring is fun and enhances your look with a bright pop of colour. But a wrong hair colour can equally spoil the game for you. Just like the wrong shade of lipstick, a wrong hair colour also can completely wash out your face.

Tip: Make sure to understand your complexion, undertones of your skin and also the undertones of your hair colour that you are opting for. For better understanding, you can try the temporary hair colours which wash off within a day or two. If it suits you, you can get it done for a longer duration.

8 Hairstyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older

4. Dry and Dull Hair:

Dry hair makes you look aged and unattractive. It takes away the charm and beauty from your face, thereby spoiling your look.

Tip: Always take good care of your hair, and never end a hair wash session without conditioning your hair. Conditioning your hair adds a nice sheen and imparts a healthy look to your hair.

8 Hairstyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older5

5. Oily Hair:

When the hair is too oily, it falls flat and makes your face look plain and dull.

Tip: If you have oily hair, try washing your hair thrice a week. You can also use dry shampoos to avoid washing your hair too often. And, you can try the very famous baby powder hack if you do not own a dry shampoo. Blotting sheets also absorb the oil effectively.

8 Hairstyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older1

6. Getting an Unflattering Haircut:

More than often, we get haircuts by looking at our favourite celebrities or friends. But remember that, a haircut needs to be chosen depending upon your face shape, your body structure and your hair type. This applies particularly when you are getting bangs or opting for a short haircut. If your hair is long and the shape is not very appealing, you can try different hairstyles that look good on you. But, unflattering bangs or short haircuts cannot be reversed, at least in the near future. This is definitely another common mistake that makes women look older than their age.

Tip: Speak to your hairstylist, discuss your ideas and take their suggestions about how a particular haircut will look on you. Never follow others blindly.

8 Hairstyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older3

7. Grey Hair:

If you are ageing, then there is nothing wrong in ageing gracefully and sporting grey hair confidently, but the grey hair at a young age is definitely nobody’s favourite. It makes you look older and mature.

Tip: Hair dyes or hair colours are a good option to cover up grey hair. Henna is also a very good and natural remedy. Apart from these, the various DIYs such as the onion masks also help in restoring the pigmentation back to your hair.

8. Thin and Limp Hair:

Hair that is thin and limp is definitely unflattering. This also makes you look older and dull.

Tip: Trying volumising products is a good way of handling thin hair.

8 Hairstyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older6

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