Which Hairstyle Suits You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

How are you all? Sun signs affect our personalities and hence our appearance too. Hairstyles can make or break your look, and in this post we talk about what hairdo will suit you the best according to your zodiac sign.

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1. Aries
Most of the women who are born with this zodiac sign have healthy and naturally black hair and hence our recommendation is you should not chop your hair. You can add short bangs to your hair to add to your charm. Women with this sun sign do not experiment much with hairstyles.

Which Hairstyle Suits You According to Your Zodiac Sign-pixie

2. Taurus
Taureans generally do not like changing their hairstyle frequently. You can go for a bob or pixie cut. If you are not comfortable with the pixie cut, you can surely opt for medium-length hairstyle.

3. Gemini
Women with Gemini zodiac sign are born with innovative mentality and hence they love to experiment with various hairstyles. If you have long hair, you can go for soft curls. These girls love to highlight their hair too.

Which Hairstyle Suits You According to Your Zodiac Sign

4. Cancer
Women with this sun sign are not blessed with good hair volume and texture. The best haircut for these ladies would be medium-length hair with a blunt or a U cut. Highlights are not what you usually like but still if you want to, you can go ahead with it.

5. Leo
Women under this zodiac sign are usually bold and adventurous by nature and hence always do something unusual and dramatic. You can go for any cut and opt for blue, red or green highlights.

6. Virgo
They are sticklers for perfection so much so that even a strand out of place will agonise them. Extremely long or extremely short hair should be strictly avoided; try something in between. Shoulder-length poker straight hair would work best for you.

7. Libra
These women usually like elegant, sophisticated looks. Chignons and braids would look beautiful on them. Top-knots look amazing too!

8. Scorpio
Women belonging to this sign seem to be moody which means they can opt for a particular hairstyle and ditch it soon as well. So highlights or loose curls or pin-straight hair, it’s completely your choice and your mood. These ladies like to keep it simple and sexy though, so opt for messy buns or wavy hair.

Which Hairstyle Suits You According to Your Zodiac Sign-waves

9. Sagittarius

Fun loving and adventurous, Sagittarian women look best in a hair cut that is cute and playful. These women have the confidence to carry every hairstyle, from a chic bob to an outrageous punk hairdo. With their attitude and confidence, there is no style that they cannot wear.

10. Capricorn
Since they are known for their dull and weak nature, it becomes difficult to select an appropriate hairstyle for them. You can go for an asymmetrical bob cut because these women usually have angular jaws and a sharp jawline. If you have round face, you should avoid medium-length hair with bangs or layers.

Which Hairstyle Suits You According to Your Zodiac Sign-bob

11. Aquarius
Aquarians incline towards the bold style of fashion; however, there are some who do not prefer very bold haircuts and like to keep it simple. A sleek bob with sideswept bangs or very long hair with multi-coloured highlights are perfect for Aquarian women.

12. Pisces
Pisceans never shy away from experimenting with their hair. Also, they do not care about how others will react to their new haircut. The best haircut would be shoulder length hair in nice warm tones.

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  1. i am a cancerian, with long bouncy voluminous hair…and i have beautiful highlights which i love love love! …the content might not be true fr many but enjoyed reading your article 🙂

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