Hairstyles For Round Faces

Hairstyles For Round Faces

Okay, now another hairstyling article. If my mom finds out about this she’ll come to know what I am thinking ;). Me looking at hairstyles on net = time for a new haircut, which does not go down so well with my mom.

Anyway, enough blabbering. Today, my mission is to help all the round face damsels choose a right haircut for themselves.

You have a round face if you notice fullness at and below your cheekbones, have wide hairlines but less-pronounced chins.

A correct hair style can give your face a desired shape so don’t make a hasty decision by blindly choosing the trend. Pay attention to the length of your hair, its texture, your age and lifestyle requirements before getting a hair cut. The key for a great haircut is knowing your personal style and experimenting to find out what works for you.

Hairstyling Tips For The Round Faces:

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• Mixed length layers work in your favour. Ask for loose, face-framing layers, the first ones beginning slightly past the chin, to give your face elongated look. Stay away from short layers as they add body to hair, which will make your round face appear rounder. Getting some highlights that are woven around the face in an “angel halo” will also give the desired result.

• You should opt for hairstyles that make your face look a little longer. Hair styles that direct eyes away from the fullness of the cheek should be preferred. For this purpose you should avoid heavy curls on the sides of your face. Go for centre part and try to keep the sides of your hair smooth and close to your face for a slimming effect. Wear your hair ‘forward’ onto your face to create a more oval appearance.

• To prevent bangs from shortening a round face, adjust their width. Get angled or sideswept bangs to give some dimension to your round face. Asymmetrical or angled cuts balance out the softness of round features.

• Shy away from a slick ponytail and rather go for think sleek, structured updos or styles with fullness at the crown will also look good on round faces. These styles add height to your hairstyle which flatter the round face shape. Also, these styles will make a shorter neck appear longer.

• Double chin adds to the fullness of a round face. If you have a double chin then opt for a short crop that stops above chin level. The idea is to draw the attention towards your eyes. Go for bob cut, if you want you can add spiked bangs or a tousled texture for an added polished look. For a more modern bob, make sure the back of the cut is shorter than the front and the ends have some texture.

Hope this article will help you to get a fair idea of some hairstyles you can go for.

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  1. i have round chubby face…i m very much conscious abt myhair cut..but once i got perfect hair cut its steps from top of my head frm abk side..when hairs grow that really make my face look square…i have kept various snaps of it in my whenever i go to salon i show it to recreate the look..

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