7 Hairstyles For Open Hair

In today’s post, I am going to take you through some interesting hairstyles that you can try with open hair. Although many of these hairstyles are meant for mid-length to long hair, you could also try them out with hair of shorter length. The thing to keep in mind when experimenting with hairstyles is that it isn’t always the fancy and complicated hairdos that look good. You can look great with open hair if only you style it a little bit and try out a new hairstyle. Moreover, open hair gives your look a lot of dimension and versatility. Here are 7 easy hairstyles that you can try wearing with open hair:

1. Side Swept Voluminous Hair:

This is a great and easy option for those of you who have long and voluminous hair. All you need is a little bit of styling product to sweep all your hair onto one side of the shoulder. This hairstyle is effortless, elegant and truly timeless.

Side Swept Bangs With Layers collage

2. Eyebrow Fringe and Bed Hair:

For this hairstyle, you need a straight fringe that covers your eyebrows. All you need to do is maintain and style your fringe while leaving the rest of your hair messy and open. This is a great hairstyle if you have a wide forehead. It also helps to highlight your cheekbones and looks very effortless.

fringe collage

3. Slick Middle Parting:

This is a truly chic and elegant hairstyle that’s really easy to try out. You can start by straightening the lengths of your hair. Next, take a styling product and neatly part your hair in the middle. Make sure that the parting is crisp and that the hair at the crown is slickly combed against the scalp. You can add some hairspray to keep the hair in place.

Middle parting collage

4. Side Swept Bangs With Layers:

This is yet another easy hairstyle that requires minimal styling and maintenance. Opt for a haircut that gives your hair several bouncy layers and a long-ish fringe in the front. The good news is that bangs and fringes are back in fashion! You can wear the fringe with a side parting and leave the rest of your hair open and natural.

Side Swept Bangs With Layers collage

5. Waterfall Braid:

This is a beautiful, soft and feminine hairstyle that you can try with open hair. Starting from the crown, braid the top of your hair thinly along either side and pin it behind each ear. Make sure to keep a soft middle parting in the front. Leave the rest of your hair open and natural.

waterfall braid collage

6. Layered Ombre Hair:

It’s time to experiment with some colours! Opt for a hairstyle that gives you hair voluminous layers. Next, highlight your tresses in ombre colours. You can clip to the side some parts of your hair to show off the dual tones along the lengths of your hair.

ombre collage

Hairstyles For Open Hair

7. Open Hair With Puff:

This is a very easy and effortless hairstyle option that goes very well with ethnic outfits like lehengas and sarees. Tease and backcomb your hair at the crown to create a bouffant like a puff. Clip the puff in place and secure it with some hairspray. You can wear the rest of your hair with soft curls to add a beautiful and feminine touch to the hairstyle.

puff collage

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