Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair

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In all my 23 years of existence, my mom has tried every trick on my limp, dull, lifeless and shoulder length hair. Believe you me, nothing has ever worked! So, I always had to make styles that I can try with my length of hair and also that suits my never ending forehead. I have a huge forehead. So, let us find out about some hairstyles that you can do if you have shoulder length hair.

Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair 00

Side Crown Braid

Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

This literally takes a minute and is ideal for those who have had one hairstyle for years. This little braid on one side of the forehead looks really chic. This works great for teenagers and college going girls.

Poof Ponytail

Take a section of hair from your crown area. Make a poof by back combing. Use a hair spray to hold that pouf. Secure all your hair in a high ponytail.

Side Bangs with Layered Hairstyle

side bangs with layers

This is the kind of hairstyle that you can try if you have broad forehead and thin hair. Layers will give the appearance of volume in hair and bangs will hide that forehead.

Soft Waves

soft waves
You just need a good blow drier and a paddle brush for this style. These soft curls or waves will go with any of your outfits and will look super nice on any face type.

Messy Bun Up-Do

side bun

These messy up dos are so in nowadays. Whenever you want to get all your hair away from your eyes and face then you can just go for this style. There are no rules for making this style. You can make a bun however you want it, even half up half down hair.

Just get 2 sections from both side of the crown and secure them with a booby pin or any fancy hair accessory. You can just leave the rest of the hair or slightly curl them for a softer and elegant look.

Stick Straight with Side Swept Bangs

I think this particular hairstyle exudes confidence like no other hairstyle. You need to have poker straight hair, a good haircut and a shiny hair serum to rock this one.

Side Braid

If you are having a bad day, just secure all your hair on one side and make a loose braid. You can choose to go for a fishtail braid too.

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