Hairstyles for High Forehead

Hairstyles for High Forehead

All those who know style a bit understand the importance of a good hairstyle. A good hairstyle is one which can minimize your facial flaws, and lay emphasis on your stronger points.

On such facial feature that grab instant attention is our forehead. Wide foreheads do not look bad but, they can cause a little worry when you have thin hair. People with wide foreheads always look out for hairstyles that could minimize its appearance.

Normally, bangs are used with hairstyles to play down a high forehead but, before you get down to business pay some attention to your hair texture as well. Hair texture has a lot to do with the end result of you look.

Here are few of the most flattering hairstyle options for large foreheads. Go ahead and choose the best.

• Side-Swept Bang: Wearing side-swept bangs will help you cover majority of your wide forehead. These bangs are often textured at the ends, giving the tips of the hair a fluffy look. Whether you have curls or bone-straight locks these bangs go well with virtually any hairstyle.

• Straight Bangs: In this hairstyle hair are brushed down in front and cut just under the eyebrow to effectively cover the top portion of the face. Avoid this style if you have strong, angular features. For those with a longer face, straight bangs not only minimize a high forehead, but it also balances out proportions of a longer face.

• Layered Bang: The layered bangs not only minimize the forehead, but frame the entire face as well. They can be anywhere from eye length to chin length. Integrate layers at the eye and cheekbones. Having layers at these two spots creates strong, horizontal lines to combat the vertical line of a high forehead. These bangs are ideal to give your hairstyle some volume. To get layered bangs, simply have your stylist add face-framing layers into the front of the hair, which will allow you to part your hair on the left, right and middle.

• Big Curls: Another way to detract staring eyes from your large forehead is to rock a voluminous hairstyle. Big, bountiful curls can add instant glamour to your hairstyle in a no time. Just keep in mind that you do not add curls on your forehead because adding big curls to a broad forehead only gives it a larger appearance.


To make the most of your hairstyle, it is important to use the right products on your thin hair. Opt for a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Apply conditioner onto the ends of your hair to avoid creating buildup and weighing down your already fine hair. Use some volumizing mousse before blow-drying your hair to give them a fuller look.

Hope this post helps you to flaunt your forehead in style.

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