Hairstyles To Hide Grey Hair

Hairstyles To Hide Grey Hair

I have seen women struggling to cover and hide the few grey hair that they have.  Usually, it might be a few white hair strands here and there, but since it’s considered an embarrassment anyway, women take great efforts to cover it up.  If you suffer from premature greying and just have a few strands to hide and want to just cover them up instead of colouring, you need to check out these hairstyles that I have compiled.  If you want to conceal grey hair that has popped up on on side of your hair or temples, you can pick certain hairstyles that would keep them in the hiding. Even if you do not have any grey hair, these hairstyles are worth trying :))

1.  Bun it all up:


If you have grey hair in and around the crown area, you can gather all your hair into an elegant bun and glam this bun up with bling accessories.  There shouldn’t be any parting in the front otherwise there are chances that white hair would be visible from there. However, if you have white hair in and around the nape of your neck, skip it because this hairstyle would expose them.  Check out Angelina Jolie’s Golden Globe’s hairstyle for inspiration. By the way, she looks gorgeous in that Versace gown!

2.  Middle Pouf Hairstyle:


If middle parting shows all your greys in their glory, hide them under a pouf.  Secure it with bobby pins so that it doesn’t budge from its place.  Do not create a very high pouf, otherwise white hair will shine through.  There should be just a bit of pouf to conceal the white.  Check out Avril Lavigne’s hairstyle in this picture below to understand what I am talking about.



3.  Sleek Side Parted Pony Tail:

If you have white hair in your middle parting, this hairstyle is an option.  Also, if you have grey hair around the nape and back of your neck, this hairstyle will cover them all.  Check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s sleek hairstyle.

blonde hair

4.  French Twist:

This hairstyle helps you to gather up all your hair in a stylish way and you can actually choose which way to clutch it into place.  You will need a clutch to hold the side swept hairdo in place.  A very stylish and casual look would suit all kind of outfits.


5.  Side Swept Heavy Bangs:

side swept bangs

This hairstyle will take care of those hair which have turned white bang on top of your head and all kinds of parting will expose them out.  A heavy bang brought from behind and swept cleverly to one side will do the trick, check this out.

6.  Low Ponytail:

Check Eva Longoria’s hairstyle, she has not done any middle parting, swept all her hair back and tied it behind into a low ponytail.

eva longoria

7.  Plait It Down:


Now, if you have grey hair here, there, and everywhere – plait all your into a single low plait and most of them never see the light. This way you would be able to hide most of them.


8.  Wide Headband Hairstyles:


You can also use wide headbands to cover grey hair.  Also, colorful and animal print scarves cover white and will up your style quotient also.


9.  Middle Parting Low Ponytail:


Check out how Asin has neatly made middle parting and tucked her hair behind ears and tied the hair into a neat ponytail.  You can choose this hairstyle if you have no whites when you do middle parting.

10.  High Bun:


Tie it up all into a stylish high bun and stop bothering about white hair, it’s not the end of all, you can go for hair colors if all concealing hairstyles fail you.

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