Handbags and your Body Shape

Handbags are the most important accessory that we carry. Like our clothes our handbags too can make or break our image. I have always been a sucker for handbags. Big, small, colourful, I have them all. Shape and colour is what I looked for whenever I wanted to buy a handbag for myself.


One day while shopping in a mall I came across a very stylish handbag. While I was admiring myself in a mirror, with that beauty on my shoulder, I saw a sales assistance looking at me in horror. The look she was giving made me ask for her opinion. It was then I was introduced to the relation between body shapes and handbags.
Never mind the fashion, choose a bag shape that is opposite to your body type. Here are few pointers that I found out.

Bags for Tall and Thin:

• Most of the size looks good on you but, try to opt for big bags.
• Avoid small bags as they will make you look even taller and thinner.
• Choose handbags with round shapes. Hobo or slouch style bags are good options.
• You can carry bright bold colours with ease.


Bags for Small and Plump:

• Avoid big bags as they will make you look fatter.
• Never choose bags which end at your waist if you do not want to look like a balloon. It will highlight your flabby areas and make you look shorter.
• Opt for purses if you have big breasts, hips and thighs.
• If big handbags are your necessity than stick to browns, beiges and blacks. These colours won’t stand out and make the bag look insignificant.
• Choose small bags with great prints, colours and embellishments.
• A low-slung tote with long shoulder handle can add height to short or small person’s appearance.


Bags for Wide Shoulders:

• Opt for bags which have long straps and are narrow in shape.
• Long shape bags will also look good as they will balance the shape of your shoulder.
• Women with wide shoulders and narrow hips should choose a bag that are narrow and hit the hip line.
• Avoid bags with sharp edges.


Bags for Fat women:

• Medium size bags will look best on you.
• Bags with wider straps and medium length will look flattering on them.

Bags for Pear shaped women:

• Rectangular medium-sized structured bags will look great.
• You must choose a bag that has short strap and is close to your bustline. This will divert the attention from your wide hips.

Bags for Busty women:

Longer straps in a bag will divert attention from your bust. Avoid small bags though.


Also keep in mind to

• Match the formality, satin works for formal, but not casual.
• Relate the colours of your bag and your outfit. Choose colours that don’t clash to provide an accent colour.
• Relate the size of the bag with the purpose, day bags are larger than evening bags.
Hope these points will help you next time you go shopping for a handbag.

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15 thoughts on “Handbags and your Body Shape

  1. Great article….the wide hips below made me feel fat though 😛

    Bags for Pear shaped women:

    • Rectangular medium-sized structured bags will look great.
    • You must choose a bag that has short strap and is close to your bustline. This will divert the attention from your wide hips

    Great to know i get my bags right, thanks Era 🙂

    1. same here j Doo. Lovee big bags. You can dump just everything into them and they don’t even cry. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  2. hahahahaha they dont even cry !!!!! so trueeeeeee …. for the past few days I was carrying a smaller than usual bag and I swear I felt like I was missing something :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

    1. I toh don’t get a “bag feel” until everything is lost in my bag and i have to spend like 2 minutes to search for something. 😐 😐 😐 The only good thing is that the women guards at the mall gates let me go within 2 seconds. they never bother to check stuff in my bag. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  3. Hahahahahahaha I know thats exactly what happens with me …. none of them check to see whats under all the debris thats in my bag 😛

  4. nice article era, i like big bags a lot n am quite tall as well so they automatically go well with my body shape :woot:

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