Happy Birthday Rati :)

Happy Birthday Rati πŸ™‚

A Very Happy Birthday to a person who is beautiful both inside and out. Β She is the beauty with brains and all of us at IMBB wish her a great and happy birthday and a beautiful life ahead πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday Rati


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  1. Happy hippie burrrrrday Rati!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a fabulous day and pretty please share your OOTD, LOTD, EOTD, – everything of the day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Birthday Rati! I totally agree with beauty with brains part πŸ™‚ in addition you are beauty with brains and style! sweet, humble and down to earth..dont change πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Happy Birthday Rati..I wish u lots of happiness and success ahead πŸ˜€ You know.. many more dresses and tons of shoes πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› and yay we share same Birth Date – ’13th’ and its LUCKY..hehe πŸ˜€

  4. Happyy Birthdayyyyyyy Ratiiiiii :*
    Wish you all the happiness in the world and and ofcourse loads of makeup,dresses and shoes πŸ˜€

    PS : waiting to see what you wore on your birthday πŸ˜‰

  5. Hii Rati,
    wish you a very happy birthday and wish you all the happiness you deserve. Cheersss and have a blasting day ahead.

  6. Heyyy Ratiii…. Wishing you a veryyyy verryyyy verryyy Happy Returns of the day… πŸ™‚ have a blast….. πŸ™‚ may all ur dreams come true… πŸ˜€

  7. Happy Birthday, Rati! May you have a wonderful day and may life bring you awesome surprises, lots of good hair days, ten thousand pairs of Louboutins and a giant cheesecake. πŸ˜€ (Oh, and may your enemies drown in terrible shampoos. :P)

  8. Wish you a very happy birth day rati di! You are such a wonderful person that even though so many of us have not met you we feel so related to you! I will pray my best that this bond continues and GOD shower you with the choicest of bessings and happiness in all your endeavours!
    P.S: I am so obseesed with you that these days when i dont dress that good on a given day , my hubby tells that ‘ What if Rati di is in chennai today and you have to meet her, you cant go like you wil let her down’ and I am like getting all dressed up! Thank you for being so beautiful and lovely!

  9. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday dearest Rati! πŸ™‚
    I thank God today for someone like you who went ahead & created a beautiful community that is so much more than just makeup & fashion, it is a wonderful place to belong in. God bless u truly! β™₯ Ur thoughtfulness, posts, comments, everythin reflects wat a warm & beautiful person u r on the inside, u r not just a fashion diva but a soul diva! thank u so much for being there for me wen i wanted to just talk to sum1. I pray u c much more happiness & joy. My best of wishes r wit u & Sanjeev jee. Happy Birthday diva! πŸ™‚ β™₯

  10. Wish you a very very Happy Birthday Rati! Hope you have lotsa fun and don’t forget to share some of those moments with us through pictures.

  11. Oh my.. Today is the birthday of that gorgeous hot gal. Well then…
    Happy Birthday Rati !! πŸ˜€
    You introduced this elusive world of beauty n makeup to a novice like me (and many more). Thanks a lot for that. And here wishing you the best for the coming year.
    Have loads of fun, shop till the far extend, and keep flaunting that ravishing you !! πŸ™‚

  12. Wishing u a day soft as silk…
    white as milk…sweet as honey and
    full of money.
    May all ur dreams come true

  13. a very happy yappy budday rati …….god bless u n shower u with his cjoicest blessings……. njy ur day ……hugs.

  14. heyyyyyyy gurl!!!!!!! – wish you a very very Happy Birthday. Loads of love and happiness today and always. You have brought so much joy into our lives with this beautiful blog and your warmth and enthu. We appreciate it very much and wish you nothing but the best. You continue to inspire us all the time and i am sure many will agree with me when i say that we are so glad that you are part of our lives. keep rocking!!!!

  15. Wish you many more happy returns of the day Rati di:):):) Many all your dreams come true and have a blessed year ahead:):) Enjoy your day:):):)

    1. Hi Jomol… Are you getting my mails? I am not sure as I did not get any thank you mail for all the mails i have sent. Please check and update. Also the RevAyur Orange Scrub is credited to some one else’s name… I did that review. Please confirm the same.

  16. Hi Rati and all the beautiful people who share reviews on this Web site,

    I stumbled across your Web site sometime last Jan. Initially I was not following it on a regular basis but then sometime around november or december, I got hooked on it so badly that now I read it every single day πŸ™‚

    Basically I am not the “everyday makeup” person. All I do is eyeliner and lipstick. The eyeliner part was easy, having medium dark complexion, it was always the black eyeliner. The lipstick part was extremly difficult and choosing the right shade was frustrating to the core.

    In my “before IMBB” days, I would buy whatever the SA sold to me and 90% of the times, when I got back home either I didn’t like the shade or it wasnt want I wanted.
    What I noticed was the SAs dont really listen to what you want. The moment she hears the word lipstick, she shows all the testers on her rack. A couple of mins later picks up around 2-3 shades which she wants to sell and says “ma’am these are our fastest selling items”. And the deal is done!!

    This was the case till i stumbled across your web site.
    The last time I visited the L’Oreal counter in Westside, I was armed with knowledge from IMBB. So I walked quite confidently to the counter and bought exactly the shade I wanted πŸ™‚

    Your blog has not just helped me choose lipsticks but other makeup stuff as well. Very recently I ordered the Coastal Scents 88 original eye shadow palette from US after reading your review on the same. And this is just one of the items. I have a long “to-buy” list on my phone now.

    Thank you Rati and all the bloggers for your reviews, tutorials and expert tips.

    Rati, wish you a very happy birthday!!!

  17. Happy birthday Rati!!! Wish u lots of happiness and success in the years to come…. god bless n hv a wonderful day πŸ™‚

  18. Wish u many many happy returns of the day , u r intelligent and beautiful may life present u with happinesss n peace n success .Happy Birthday Rati

  19. a very very happy birthday Rati :-):-):-):-):-) may God bless you with every happiness in the world :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
    you’re truly a diva and imbb is aa gift for all of us !!!
    Keep smiling forever :-):-):-):-):-)

  20. Happy Birthday dear!!!
    May God bless you with all the nice nice clothes… loads and loads of make up… uncountable accessories πŸ™‚ he he he….
    Also, I wish you have all the happiness and heart’s content, always, for you are such an adorable person, you deserve all the goodness in the world.

  21. heyyyyy rati di a vry very happy birthday to you.i hope that u get everything in life that u wish for annd u get more beautiful and prettier by each passing day.and yes i also wish that imbb shuld also become bigger day by day…………HAPPPY BIRTHDAYYYY……

  22. A very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rati di!!! May you recieve all the happiness in life and may you become more successful and beautiful……. U are an idol for me and I wanna be like you someday. Ur dressing sense, ur panache, ur personality, ur language, ur skin, everything is my target to achieve. And i hope someday i would be able to match your personality…. Have a great day dear!!

  23. awwww thanks a ton everyone. I have no words to say how awesome all of you have made my day with your wishes. Really really sweet post. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much.. :))

      1. Heylo Sir!
        Me enjoying at home.. I joined Adobe after college, got bugged within the first 6 months. Since then, have been in a consulting firm in Gurgaon. Obvious advice dene ke liye paise milte hain πŸ˜›
        How are u guys doing? And ya.. My sis is in Tathagat now, so am lending her novels now πŸ˜›

  24. Happy Birthday, dearest Rati, and may God Bless you always and wish you many, many more years of happiness and success. Lots of love.

  25. Happy Birthday dearest Rati… πŸ™‚ :).. Wish you a very happy life ahead,..
    Ohh btw am a silent follower of your blog,.. always think of writing then couldnt but finally coudnt miss ur bday…

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