Happy Republic Day :)

Happy Republic Day 🙂

All of us at IMBB wish you all a Very Happy Republic Day 🙂 Vande Mataram!



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14 thoughts on “Happy Republic Day :)

  1. Happy Republic day to everyone !!
    I am watching the republic day parade and writing this comment.
    the parade remindes me of my days in republic day capm in delhi 12 years back in 2000…. its a great feeling… feels proude of our country..
    Vande Matram!!

  2. Can’t really say that this republic day is very happy and it hurts to say that this year I don’t feel so proud being an indian because it looks like our country has literally gone to the dogs…its a sad state of things and I DO hope things look better for our country next year! But hey Happy weekend to everyone 😀

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