Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eyeshadow Palette Review

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Hope you are having a great day! Today, I am reviewing another eye shadow palette from Hard Candy’s new range of eye shadows. This is the Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eyeshadow Palette.

Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eyeshadow Palette

Product Details from the Hard Candy Website:

  • The Hard Candy Look Pro – Sassy Eyes Eye Shadow Collection is your one stop for a complete sultry look.
  • It includes 9 professionally coordinated eye shadows, our bestselling Eyes the Limit Long Wear Eye Shadow Primer, a mini Take Me Out Liner in Soy and a dual ended eye shadow applicator all housed in a reusable collectible tin.
  • This palette also includes an instructional card with 3 start to finish looks, appropriate for any occasion.

Eye makeup looks

CAD $8

Eye makeup looks

Eye shadows – 11.1 g; Primer – 5g; Pencil – 0.5 gm.

Eyeshadow palette ingredients

My Experience with Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eyeshadow Palette:

Packaging:  The Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eyeshadow Palette comes in a cute pink embossed metal tin. The plastic tray containing the eye shadows can be easily removed and you can reuse the tin as desired. The tin has a magnetic closure which seems a bit weak, though I have never had the tin getting open accidentally so far. But to be on the safe side, if I were to travel with this palette, I would make sure it is well secured. The packaging is very vintage, but might seem bulky for travel.

Hard Candy eyeshadow palette

Inside the tin, you get 9 eye shadows, a mini “Eyes The Limit” eye shadow primer, and a mini “Take Me Out” eyeliner in the shade “Soy.” There is a double-ended sponge tip applicator included with the palette. There is a mirror on the inner lid and also an instructional booklet, which has three different eye looks. Along with the steps to achieve each of these looks, there is an illustration of each look and an actual picture of the look, which is very helpful.

Eyeshadow palette

Except for the three eye shadows in the first column, the rest of the eye shadows are pretty small. But for the price, I do think you are getting a really good value with this palette.

Colors and Finish:  The layout of the palette is very similar to the Too Faced eye shadow palettes. The eye shadows are placed in three rows, with each row corresponding to a specific look – “Day”, “Drama” and “Evening.”

Hard Candy eyeshadows

Unlike most drugstore palettes, the individual shades are named in this palette. The shades range from shimmery neutrals to dark, sultry shades.

Row “Day”:

Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eyeshadow Palette

Innocence – This is a champagne shade with a shimmer finish.
Demure – This is a light lilac purple shade with a shimmer finish.
Banter – This is a purple plum shade with a shimmer finish.

Row “Drama”:

Eyeshadow palette

Sweetheart – This is a light pink with a matte base but contains silver glitter
Witty – This is a mauvy taupe shade with a shimmer finish
Smarty Pants – This is a mid-toned greyish taupe shade with a satin finish.

Row “Evening”:

Grey eyeshadow

Social Butterfly – This is a cream shade with a shimmer finish.
Angel – This is a greenish gold shade with a shimmer finish
Ms. Attitude – This is a dark black shade with a satin finish and contains copper-gold glitter.

Texture:  Compared to the “Natural eyes palette,” the eye shadows in the Sassy eyes palette seem to be slightly chalky and dry. They are not terrible, but they are not very good either. Some of the shades like Angel and Ms. Attitude from the “Evening” row are the worst offenders. They are dry and apply slightly patchy on the eyes. Most of the shadows generate a bit of fallout. So, as usual, make sure you tap the excess off your brush before you apply.

Hard Candy eyeshadow applicator

Pigmentation and Longevity:  Pigmentation is quite decent across all the shades, except for Ms. Attitude, which needs to be build up to get a good uniform color. These shadows last on my oily lids for the entire day with a good primer. There is no fading or creasing for at least 8 hours.

The “Eyes The Limit” primer that comes with this palette is quite good. I find that it works well for my oily lids. People with dry lids might find it a little bit drying. As for the “Take Me Out” eyeliner, I was expecting this to be the worst as I have not had good results with wooden eye pencils so far. But this is surprisingly smooth and creamy but smudges easily.

Eyeshadow primer

Pros of Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eyeshadow Palette:

  • Beautiful shimmery neutrals with dark sultry shades.
  • Cute pink reusable tin packaging.
  • Good pigmentation across most shades.
  • Good lasting power over a primer.
  • Decent sized mirror available.
  • Very helpful instructional booklet.
  • Comes with a good eye shadow primer and eye liner.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons of Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eyeshadow Palette:

  • Some of the eye shadows have a dry and chalky texture and apply patchy.
  • The magnetic closure of the palette does not seem very strong.

IMBB Rating:

Do I Recommend Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eyeshadow Palette?
I am not as impressed with this palette as with the Natural eyes palette, but I do agree that it is a very good value for the cost. You can make this work with a little extra effort. If you like these shades, then it is worth a try.

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  1. This is a superb concept and I like how they have explained how different looks can be achieved with this, but ya, they eyeshadows look dry and could spoil the makeup. :/

  2. That looks like a stunning neutral eyeshadow palette. Totally dont like when eyeshadows get chalky and difficult to work with. Then you really dont know what to do next. hahah!! great review and loved the packaging 🙂

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