Harmful Beauty Habits

Harmful Beauty Habits

Everyone today is getting more and more image conscious. We buy the best of beauty products, follow latest fashion trends and get various treatments done to look and feel our best, but at the same time, we still go on doing some harm to ourselves as a habit. Following are some such habits we really need to kick, in order to truly pretty ourselves up.

Harmful Beauty Habits

Overstyling Our Hair:

This is one thing I am definitely guilty of. It gets really difficult to avoid the temptation of sleek straight or cute curly hair, but it is in your benefit only to resist this urge. The heat and the mocktail of chemicals that we put in our hair makes it dry and weak. If you must style your hair, then make sure you use heat protectants and go for deep conditioning every week. Those who have really unmanageable hair can go in for hair smoothening which lasts for around 8 months and is not as harmful as hair straightening.

Biting Your Nails and Chapped Lips:


This can definitely be an addiction. People who regularly bite their nails also risk consuming their nail paints, in addition to going unhealthily beyond their natural ends that result in sharp pains. Nail biting basically is a nervous habit. Try applying cuticle oil with extra moisturising like jojoba oil. You won’t want oil-covered fingers in your mouth and also your cuticles will become healthier. Similarly keep your lips moisturised at all times and don’t give yourself a chance to bite.

Not Drinking Enough Water:


We all know about this pristine rule yet we don’t follow it. The only solution is keep trying. Fool yourself into drinking more. Get a cute sipper and carry it everywhere with you (works for me), have water in different forms like fresh fruit juices, coconut water, water with cucumber slices, glucose and so on, get that daily dose without fail!

Using Old Makeup:


It is not rare to get attached to your favourite products, but every product has a shelf life beyond which it will do more harm than good. Stick to these expiry dates to avoid unnecessary breakouts and skin infections. Be extra careful with eye products as they can do some serious damage.

Picking Zits


Every zit has its own life which it will live irrespective of whether you like it or not. If you leave it alone, then it will probably last on your skin for a few days or at the most weeks, but if you try to pop it, the bacteria from your finger can make it worse. Then it may last for more than a few weeks, some times even months. So it is a choice that you have to make, do you want a tiny little zit for two weeks or two months? Instead of picking zits, try and prevent them. Avoid fried food and aerated drinks, throw away old makeup products and sincerely follow the CTM.

What other harmful beauty habits do you indulge in?

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20 thoughts on “Harmful Beauty Habits

  1. Oh god…I have almost all of these :headbang:
    And not drinking water is the worst one!
    Thanks for such an informative article Aashima…it is also a great reminder for doing things we know we should do but we tend to ignore them.

  2. OK.. I heard Trisha Krishnan (South actress with pretty skin) say in an interview that she drinks a glass of water every one hour. Also on AndreasChoice(Youtube beauty celebrity) says that the amount of water we drink is like –> our weight in pounds/2 = no. of ounces of water. If I weigh 120 pounds, then I need to drink 60 ounces, which is like 1.8 litres, which is like the minimum. I’ve been doing that, and my skin and hair got SO MUCH better. :waytogo:

  3. Thanks 4 da post!
    I’m guilty of two things-using old lipsticks,I know dey r quite old but until and unless I get a color similar to ders’ I dont feel lyk abandoning dem.Another thing is picking zits.Though I hav zits very rarely,but wen I do see one on my face,I cant resist d urge to pop it,despite knowin d aftermath(pain n da scars dey leave behind). :headbang: I need to chuck dese habits big tym!

  4. I used to be totally guilty of picking on zits…that gave me an almost full face of acne, so I’ve learned from it. 🙂 But I should still drink more water. Good read Aashima! :))

  5. Very informative articlle.. I too had the habit of picking on zits, which cuased acne marks on my face which is still there.. :yuck: .. :thanks: for reminding me abt the habits i should keep away from…. :yes:

  6. Great article.its the day to day habits tht we kno r bad bt nyways continue doing.thnx for reminding.m gonna drink lots of water nw,atleast for today 😛 😛 O:)

  7. exfoliation is again one thing we don’t really care about. Personally I don’t find most scrubs to be good. You should get that tiny facial cleansing brush, with really soft bristles. 3 times a week, I apply natural aloe gel(divya pharmacy one is good) and let it sit for like 10 mins and then massage my face with the cleansing brush. The results are just SO GOOD, trust me.

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