Health and Beauty Benefits of Drinking Raw Potato Juice

Hello my lovely IMBB friends!

I have missed you all! Today, I have come with the post about something that has changed my life. Yes, true story, not exaggerating at all!!Now who does not want clear skin? Especially those who are suffering from acne, worse still hormonal acne. What if I tell you about one beauty secret that I stumbled upon and absolutely swear by now?
Drum-roll please! It is the ever humble, and ever scorned upon potato. Yes you heard right…the sasta tikaoo, ALU 😛

Health and Beauty Benefits of Drinking Raw Potato Juice (2)

A hell lot cheaper than ANY cream or treatment you take.

Claimed benefits:
Now the following benefits accrue from drinking raw potato juice. For your convenience, I am listing all of them here at one place. Then I will proceed with explaining my experience with it.

1. It helps balance our hormones and reduces the flare ups caused by hormonal acne—this is good enough to jump at it .
2. It flushes out the toxins from our body-it detoxifies the body from within and the benefits are there for all to see in the form of glowing skin.
3. It reduces inflammation in the body, especially in the joints.
4. It lowers cholesterol, yes cholesterol. I know that we have it drummed in our minds that potato causes cholesterol build up. Raw potatoes are not easily digestible and are in fact a source of good fiber.
5. Drinking potato juice on an empty stomach aids in weight loss. Drink it twice a day and see your bloating go away!
6. It keeps your liver healthy and is an excellent preemptive treatment of jaundice.
7. It keeps digestive track healthy and aids in digestion.
8. Taking raw potato juice with honey and carrot juice helps soothe food poisoning.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Drinking Raw Potato Juice (3)

My experience with raw potato juice intake:

I was looking for natural and lasting treatment for hormonal acne .There I came across this remedy and thought that it is cheap and easy why not try it. So let me tell you one thing at the onset-this juice DOES NOT taste good. I have realized that if you use it in a blender, the pieces are hard and that semi solid slush that comes in the mouth is absolutely yuck. You must strain it well and ideally use a juicer.What I did was mix the potato juice with watermelon juice, and drink the whole thing at one go like a medicine. That made it certainly more palatable.Only one medium sized potato is enough.I did this for one week, gave one week break and did it again. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference it has made.

I strongly feel that even with those ladies with really bad acne, this remedy, would definitely make a difference. I cannot assure that acne will go away completely, but there would be a definite difference in the way your skin looks and feels.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Drinking Raw Potato Juice (1)

I really feel that you should give this a try. This remedy has proven to be a boon for me, am sharing this as I feel the pain of blemished skin and want as many people to know about this as possible.Do try it; you will certainly not be disappointed.

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      1. Sone ! Such a life saving post ! Ahh the filth of walking around with blemish prone skin 🙁 I would drink anything to get my hormonal acne under control ! Wud u believe if I say you I drank raw neem juice just plain raw for days together, hearing it wud help. Though it did, mine is stubborn beastly hormonal acne thats still refusing to go away completely.
        How long before you saw results Sone and did yu have it before or after food?

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