Health, Beauty and Fashion Tips from Anushka Sharma

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I hope you all remember Anushka Sharma’s debut with SRK? She has transformed a lot and looks pretty different in her recent movie Sultan. But one thing has not changed about her – she always looks fit and active, and her charming glow is still intact. Honestly, I am not a big SRK fan and I did not like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi much. The first time I actually noticed Anushka properly was in the movie “Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl”. I was totally impressed to see her in the black bikini, which she carried with great confidence. Anushka has always managed to grab the attention of the media and the commoners, be it for her relationship with Virat Kohli or her bad lip job. You may or may not like her, but you cannot ignore her! Here are a few health, beauty and fashion tips from the lady to inspire you all.

Health, Beauty and Fashion Tips from Anushka Sharma

Fitness tips:

Anushka Sharma in Sultan

Anushka Sharma is a fitness freak. She was naturally slim when she started her Bollywood journey, but now she looks more fit and athletic. Here are a few things that she does to maintain her fitness.
• Gym workout– Anushka prefers weight training four times a week. And, she never skips her gym sessions. If she could not go to the gym in the morning, she makes sure she does her workout in the evening.
• Yoga– Anushka prefers yoga over gym workouts. She practices yoga every day to increase the flexibility of her body and to rejuvenate her mind.
• Dancing- According to her, dancing is the best cardio-vascular exercise. So, 30 minutes of dancing every day helps her get the energy that we all love in her.
Meditation– Meditation keeps both mind and body calm, which is much important for the busy B-town beauties. So, to get relief from the stress, Anushka meditates twice daily. According to her, it helps her to get beautiful skin along with a relaxed mind and body.
• A perfect diet– Anushka doesn’t follow a super strict diet. However she believes in healthy eating. So, although she is not into low-carb, high-protein diets, she makes sure to balance and eat what her body needs. She avoids junk food completely and prefers home-made food. She also consumes around 4 liters of water daily to maintain her metabolism and to eliminate the toxins.

Tips for beautiful skin and healthy hair:

beautiful Anushka Sharma

Anushka’s skin looks healthy and flawless, and it glows even without any trace of makeup. Here are some of her skin and hair-care secrets:
• The right amount of water intake keeps her skin hydrated and free of toxins.
• She makes it a point to remove her makeup before going to sleep, even when she is too tired after hours of shoot.
• She uses a cream based cleanser to remove her makeup. To moisturize the face, she uses coco-butter based products.
• She scrubs her skin often and uses a rose toner to reveal a healthier and more vibrant skin.
• To heal the damages done by pollutants and chemical-based products, Anushka uses a neem-face pack.
• Just like removing makeup, the lady prefers to wash her hair before going to bed.
• She trusts the good-old coconut oil massage to get healthy, soft hair. She applies oil at least an hour before shampooing the hair. According to her, it protects the hair from the damages done by the styling products that she has to use regularly.

Fashion tips:

Fashion tips Anushka Sharma

• Look the best in black– When nothing else works, Anushka prefers the black pieces in her wardrobe. Be it a beautiful black dress or a basic black tee, Anushka rocks it with style. However she prefers adding some colorful jewelry, bag, or shoe to break the monotony.
The Boho-chic look– Her boho dresses with loads of junk accessories look perfect along with her confident smile. A great body, some nice accessory and confidence are all you need to sport the boho-style like her.
• Layered fashion– She loves layering pieces from her wardrobe to create something completely new. She layers a scarf over her dress, shrug over her shirt, and manages to look effortlessly cool every single time.

• Ethnic saree looks– Do you think tall women do not look good in sarees? Get inspired by this 5ft 9inch tall beauty from Bollywood. She looks pretty in every saree she wears.
Just make sure to pick the right one according to your body type.
Anushka Sharma in Saree

• Wear the right shoe– Anushka knows how to wear the right shoes with the right outfits. She is seen wearing trendy and gorgeous shoes that complement her dresses. However, at times, she is spotted wearing simple sneakers that give her feet some relaxation and rest. And, then again, to add some glam touch to her basic tees and jeans, Anushka is often spotted wearing beautiful boots.
• Don’t cares about the hair– Anushka maintains healthy hair. However she is never much fussy about styling it. She is often spotted in open hair or side-swept loose-braids. And to beat the heat, she dons a nice topknot too.

Some clever makeup tips:

Anushka Sharma Makeup

Anushka’s makeup looks are subtle and fresh. Here are the basics of her daily makeup. They are super easy to follow and do not require many products:
• The toned-down eyes– Anushka prefers simple, toned-down eye makeup. A peachy-beige eyeshadow on the lids and a highlighting shade on the arch of her brow give her a soft and natural look. She uses a black liner to line the outer part of upper lash-line and a black kajal for the lower lash-line. Coats of mascara complete her effortless and beautiful eye makeup.
• The fresh-glowy cheeks– Anushka uses a peachy pink blush on her wide cheeks and cheekbones. This helps to add some definition and also gives her a natural glow.
• The soft neutral lips– Anushka rarely uses bright lip colors on a regular basis. She uses a brownish-peach nude lip-colour and often coats it with a transparent gloss. This perfectly complements her eye makeup and blush.

You may follow these health, beauty, and styling tips inspired by Anushka. These tips might help you impress a guy who is inspired by the looks and energy of Virat Kohli. Cheers, and all the best!

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