Health and Beauty Benefits Of Carrots

Health and Beauty Benefits Of Carrots

If you are wondering why you should incorporate carrots in your daily life, let me tell you that carrots are known to have several health and beauty benefits. Carrots are extremely rich in nutrients like potassium, calcium and vitamins, while the calorie content is very low. Include carrots in your regular diet and use carrot in your face packs and hair treatments to make the most of this vegetable which is very easily available in the Indian markets.

Health Benefits of Carrots:

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• Carrots help in purifying your blood and improving your eye sight.
• Carrots help in balanced growth of body tissues.
• Carrots are known to lower the level of cholesterol in your body. It also helps in making you less prone to heart ailments.
• Carrots lower the risk of cancers like colon cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer.
• Carrots benefit young and growing girls since it promotes the development of well-toned breasts.
• Carrots protect sun damages and help in healing sunburns.

Beauty Benefits of Carrots:


• Carrots contain carotene, which helps to make your skin look healthy and glowing.
• Carrots contain carotenoids along with other powerful anti-oxidants which help in slowing down the aging process; carrots also help in boosting the production of collagen to keep wrinkles at bay.
• Carotenoids, contained in carrots help in protecting and conditioning the skin.
• Carrots have anti-inflammatory properties and help in revitalizing and toning the skin.

Carrots For Skin: Easy Tips and Applications

• Carrot Pack for oily skin: Boil a carrot in water and blend it in a blender. Add two teaspoons of pure honey. Mix well so that it forms a smooth paste. Leave it on for twenty minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. This treatment will make your skin glow with health.
• Carrot anti-wrinkle pack: Mix a grated carrot with three spoons of whole milk cream. Use it every week on your face to combat against fine lines and wrinkles.
• Carrot for dry skin: Peel a carrot and place it in a glass jar. Pour coconut oil so that the carrot is covered by the oil. Leave the jar in the sun for about two days. Now strain the oil and use it for moisturizing your skin daily.
• Carrot scrub for exfoliating skin: Add two spoons of sugar to two spoons of grated sugar. Mix thoroughly and use it as a scrub on your face as well as your neck in gentle circular movements. This is one of the cheapest ways you can take to for exfoliating your skin.
• Carrot for blemishes:  Application of carrot juice on blemishes regularly helps to fade them.

Carrots For Hair:


Whether you make your own carrot oil or you purchase a carrot seed essential oil, did you know you can help your hair grow with it? Carrot oil makes you hair strong and shine with health. Application of carrot oil on your scalp would ensure proper growth of hair; apply carrot oil on the ends of hair to take care of split ends. You can also make a hair pack by mixing boiled carrots with an egg and some yoghurt. Apply it on your hair strands and leave it on for an hour. This pack would help you to get softer and smoother hair.

Carrots For Skin and Health:  Warnings

Over consumption of carrots or carrot juice might turn your skin yellow on a temporary basis. This is however not harmful and in that case, you just need to reduce your carrot intake. Carrot seed soups are known to induce abortion and hence, must be avoided during pregnancy.

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