Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

If the very mention of dark chocolates makes your heart beat faster with excitement and your mouth starts watering, let me tell you that you are not alone! At least eight out of every ten women experience the same. Whether these delicious bittersweet bars have a creamy and glossy exterior or they are infused with a grainy caramel, the rich dark cubes are too tempting to resist! But is dark chocolate good for your health? Of course, it is! Perhaps, you would be glad to know that dark chocolates are healthy in numerous ways and so, there is no need to feel guilty about gorging on these dark delights once you have read this article.

Why Is Dark Chocolate Good for You?

•  As anti-depressant: The cocoa, contained in dark chocolates, boosts serotonin production. This is a natural anti-depressant and thus, these dark fantasies help to better your mood and combat depressive tendencies of women in a healthy way.
For weight loss: While regular chocolate is known to have a high dose of sugar content which spurs gaining of weight, dark chocolates are healthy ways to spur weight loss. Actually, dark chocolates have a lot of cocoa in it; if there is the real ‘cacao’, it is even better. Cocoa is rich in fiber and this in turn, aids fat absorption. It satisfies hunger and results in loss of weight.
For preventing diabetes: Did you know dark chocolate could be useful to stabilize blood sugar and even help in preventing diabetes? Indeed, research has shown that chocolates with higher cacao content are healthy in this respect.
During pregnancy: Dark chocolates are extremely good for pregnant women. Research has revealed that it lowers the chance of preeclampsia which is a major complication that happens to almost eight percent women during pregnancy.


For heart: Dark chocolate is a storehouse of magnesium and thus, it takes care of human heart. Moreover, it helps to regulate cholesterol levels.

To reduce blood pressure: Cocoa (flavonoids) contained in dark chocolates help in lowering blood pressure and reduces the risks of clotting of blood.

• As Anti-oxidants to delay aging process: Is there a woman who does not want to stay young forever? Be it in context of appearance or of health, aging always has a negative effect. Did you know that you could relish dark chocolates and delay the process of aging? Actually, dark chocolates have anti-oxidants that help to fight free radicals and keep your skin and hair in good condition. It maintains collagen and improves the texture of your skin.

To reduce sunburn: If this sounds too good to be true, let me tell you that the flavonoids contained in dark chocolates help in absorbing Ultra Violet rays.

To increase female libido: Eating dark chocolate is known to increase sex drive in women and is therefore beneficial to those who experience low libidinal desires.

Which Dark Chocolate Is A Healthy Option?
Dark chocolates are indeed good for you. But you should look out for a few things and choose wisely while you pick the exotic bar to cater to the demands of your taste-buds as well as health at the same time. Here are a few aspects you should keep in mind:
• Your bar of dark chocolate should have 70% or more cocoa content.
• Check the label to ensure it is made out of cocoa butter and not hydrogenated vegetable oils, palm oil or coconut oil.
• Try to avoid milk fats and soy.
• Go for chocolates with a little or no added sugar.
• When it comes to add-ons, go for hazelnuts, pecans or almonds.
• Avoid fillers like nougat and caramel.


Eating Dark Chocolate In A Healthy Way: Tips And Warnings
• Though dark chocolate is good for you, DO NOT OVER-EAT. A moderate dose of dark chocolate every week or a small dose every day is what you should aim at.
• Store the bar in a cool and dry place.
• The caffeine content in dark chocolates can cause insomnia. So avoid stuffing yourself with these dark fantasies at bedtime. Obviously, you would not like to lose your sleep over a bar of chocolate.

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