Health & Glow Naturals Relift Seaweed Face Cleanser Review

Health & Glow Naturals Relift Seaweed Face Cleanser

health glow naturals relift seaweed face cleanser
Price- 59/- INR for 100 ml.
Self life-2 yrs from the date of manufacturing

What the Product Claims:
Deep cleanse and minimize pores with a mild, oil free, cleanser that won’t over dry your skin.

Massage over the face and neck using fingertips.Wipe away using a tissue or rinse away using clean water.
health glow naturals relift cleanser cleanser

Water,SLES, Sodium Chloride,Papaya Extreact and Seaweed Extract.
cleanser cap

My Experience with Health & Glow Naturals Relift Seaweed Face Cleanser

I picked this up on my recent trip to health and glow. They had so many H&G products. Cleansers , moisturizers, face packs and so many variants in each of them. Till date I’ve had no experience with any H&G product so picked up only this cleanser. Was confused between a rose one and this but the seaweed was more appealing as compared to rose so got this one ultimately. 😀

It comes in a transparent green bottle with a flip cap which snaps shut perfectly. It is a transparent liquid and consistency of the cleanser is gel type, not very runny and not very thick.

One thing which surprised me upon application is that it is a foaming cleanser. There was no mention of such a thing on the bottle. In fact it says “wipe away using a tissue or rinse away using clean water.” How could they miss such a thing. I can’t imagine wiping it away with a tissue and sleeping with all the residues on my face. :yikes: Thank god I washed it the first time itself.I wWas mighty confused when it felt a little slippery like face wash. To confirm I took some cleanser on my palm and put some water drops on it. When rubbed I got to know it’s actually like a face wash only. The only difference is its texture and its ability to clean make up. May be they should name it “Foaming Cleanser” to avoid any misconception. :haanji:

Since the first day I am using it directly on my face, massaging for a minute or so & then washing it off with water. It works perfectly and helps dissolve the makeup better this way I feel. I have tasted the efficiency of this by using the Johnson baby wipes after this and couldn’t find a single trace of makeup and dirt. It’s not good at removing eye makeup though!!! And I feel it’s always better to remove eye makeup first with a remover then use this to get the completely clean feel.
The thing I like most about this is the smell. It has an awesome citrusy smell which is kind of different and just freshens up the senses. It goes away after washing though!!! But I like it this way only. Who wants to smell like a lemon all the time.

Summing up my experience with this “cleanser”

Good Points About Health & Glow Naturals Relift Seaweed Face Cleanser

1. Oil free and actually helps in reducing the appearance of pores. Its temporary but still I don’t mind as I have very small open pores….touchwood.
2. Does not dry the facial skin.
3. Did not brake me out and I am using it twice daily since a couple of weeks.
5. Cleanses really well without any irritation to the eye area.
6. Removes makeup as well.
7. Reasonably priced.
8. A very small quantity is required. So this will last me 3 months easily.
9. Smells really good.

Not so Good Points About Health & Glow Naturals Relift Seaweed Face Cleanser

1. A little difficult to wash off. u get that slippery feel if not washed properly.
2. Proper ingredient list not there.
3. Incomplete information on the bottle about the foaming thing.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Will I buy it again: I like this but will try the other variant now.

Final word: Worth a try for oily and combination skin. People with dry skin should skip this as it may b a little drying for their skin. I feel it will make a great summer cleanser. So people down south and Mumbai can still give it a try. But North wale stay away till March. 😀

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26 thoughts on “Health & Glow Naturals Relift Seaweed Face Cleanser Review

    1. yes Pari. its a nice one for combi n oily skin. chk them out the nxt time u r thr. they have a whole lot of things thr. :makeup: :makeup:

  1. this looks pretty good….for oily-combination skin type… me will try this… 😀 nice review jyo… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  2. this is pretty cool. I have tried one H&G product – the Restore eye cream and like it very much. I might give this a try once my current cleanser is over. am never sure whether cheaper always means that the product is not very good 🙂 I see the Chanels, the Clinique, YSL etc and wonder if I am making a mistake by not investing in them. I mean after all it is about good skin.

    or like Carrie (from Sex and the City) might say ” Does more expensive always mean better? ” 🙂 though i highly doubt her character would say this since she has a Jimmy Choo obsession..:)

    1. ohh u liking the eye cream :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: …i saw it yesterday only bt thought of doing some R & D before. Now will definitely give that a try coz the aroma magic one didnot suit me 😐 😐 😐 n abt the price thing i feel as long as the product works i dont mind spending a lot bt i have to be sure that it works. with these kind of stuff u can always experiement. if it works great if not then u r not loosing anything. 😉 :toothygrin:

  3. have heard so much about health & glow stores….they are only existing in south india, right? coz never seen them here in Kolkata.

  4. I have seen many H&G products at the outlets…But I’m always rather apprehensive of trying them out… :thanks: for the great review! Now won’t go :chewnails every time I see any of their products! 😀

    1. then u r definitely gonna like it Nidhi. u kno it has that fresh lemon wala smell not like that what we get in perfumes or soaps. :))

  5. like if the acne prb is severe its better to visit a dermo if not then regular skin care can improve the condition bt for that i’ve to know ur skin type n ur skin care routine… 🙂

  6. its the season i guess. lot of people get dry patches during the changing season.Do try a good oil free moisturiser like the lotus alphamoist one i reviewed few days back. u can even give lacto calamine a try. you may not like it immediately btr it works amazingly nice on most people with regular usage. may be u can use it every night before u sleep.

    U can also try sebamed cleanser which Parita reviewed sometime back. A lot of people like that for their oily n combination skin.
    here are the links to those posts.

    hope this helps :))

  7. i’m happy using the under eye creme frm HnG.. n this again a nice product nicely reviewed jyo :thumbsup: .. i wud look out for this.. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

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