9 Healthiest Flour Options to Bake Cakes

Over the last few months, our instagram, Facebook, and other social media feed have been filled with videos in fast-forward motion that show in detail how to bake Black Forest, Pineapple, Oreo Cheesecake, Banana, Red Velvet, and numerous other yummilicious cakes that instantly set off drool fest in our mouth, but those of us who are trying to lose weight, have to hold back all temptation to go on a baking spree because all these cakes have that one ingredient in common which we absolutely should not indulge in – “refined flour or maida!” Yes, maida is extremely unhealthy, for your gut, for your overall health, and would set you back on your weight loss goals. For all of you, who are fighting the temptation to bake these cakes with all might and will power, we have researched about some healthy flour options that you can replace all-purpose flour or maida with in baking. In this post, we would list out 9 healthiest flour options to bake cakes (you can thank us later!).

Healthiest Flour Options to Bake Cakes

1. Oatmeal: It’s a “weight loss aspirant’s” best friend. Oats are gluten free and have rich fiber content. Oats, and particularly, rolled oats regular blood sugar levels and boost weight loss efforts. You can prepare your own oatmeal powder by roasting rolled oats until they turn a little aromatic and then grind into a smooth flour consistency.

2. Almond Flour: You can make your own healthy almond flour by grinding almonds with their skin intact to get a coarser texture, and literally bake anything you want to get amazing health benefits (protein, vitamin E, healthy fats) as well as a rich nutty flavour. Fine almond flour on the other hand is prepared by blanching almonds and then blending it to a fine texture. Both these variants of almond flour make yummy cakes.

3. Whole Wheat Flour: If you are not allergic to gluten, whole wheat flour is a good option to replace maida because it has fiber and other nutrients like B vitamins, manganese, and phosphorous.

4. Coconut Flour: Does the nutty flavour of coconut appeal to you? Then, it’s a good option to try coconut flour to bake cakes because it’s also great for weight loss. With its rich saturated fat content and lauric acid, it’s good for overall health too.

5. Besan: This flour has been long used to make deep-fried pakoras, but put the dietary fiber, vitamin D content of besan to good use by baking a cake by combining it with dark chocolate or cocoa. There are different ways to enjoy besan, which is a common ingredient in every Indian kitchen.

6. Rava: Do you know one can cook delicious fluffy cakes by mixing rava and curd with other baking ingredients. Rava is obtained by grinding husked wheat, so now that you know about rava cakes, will you stop making upma with this easily-available ingredient?

7. Quinoa: How does the idea of baking a yummy chocolate cake with quinoa sound to you, great, right? Use cooked quinoa with almond milk, eggs, baking soda, and other ingredients to get the benefits of quinoa’s protein and fiber content in a cake form.

8. Kuttu Flour/Buckwheat: As you all know, Rati Beauty weight loss diet programs, has made kuttu roti popular because it helps to regulate blood sugar level, has rich fiber and protein content, and is also gluten free. Buckwheat flour or kuttu ka atta can be replaced with maida in chocolate cakes, try it!

9. Sattu: Our own sattu, which is a popular protein-rich flour in Northern India, is often called “poor man’s protein.” It’s a nutritious flour because it’s made from roasted bengal gram and has high protein and fiber content. Combine it with whole wheat flour and other regular baking ingredients, and you can gorge on a healthy cake without feeling guilty!


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