5 Healthy Juices for Flawless Skin and Gorgeous Hair

‘Where there is health, there is beauty!’ I think all of you would agree with this. But, due to adulteration, we hardly get any nutrients in our meal to nourish our skin or hair. So, here I am giving you some health drink ‘shots’, small amounts of these juices on daily basis will do wonders for your hair and skin. Read on select some really healthy juices for flawless skin and gorgeous hair.

Healthy Juices For Skin

5 Juices for Flawless Skin and Gorgeous Hair

1. Bitter Gourd/Karela Juice

I know girls, it’s very hard to gulp down, but after looking at its benefits, you are definitely going to like it.
Healthy Juices for Gorgeous Skin and Healthy Hair2

You Need:
• One or two karela
• Lemon juice
• Salt
Cut the gourds into pieces and grind them in mixture. Strain the juice and sprinkle some salt and squeeze lemon. Don’t add water as water increases the bitterness.

• It is a rich source of Vitamin C which helps reduce early wrinkles
• It helps purify your blood, reducing acne and other skin problems
• It helps reduce grey hair, split ends and adds shine to your hair

2. Neem and Tulsi Juice

Another bitter juice which works wonder for body!
You Need:
• Handful of fresh Neem and Tulsi leaves
Healthy Juices for Gorgeous Skin and Healthy Hair3

Boil both leaves in a utensil until the water remains half. You can also grind them in blender and extract juice from them.
• Neem has antibacterial and anti-fungal property which helps reduce almost all skin problems
• Tulsi is blessed with antiseptic and purifying properties which help prevent skin diseases
• Neem and Tulsi treat dandruff, hair fall, baldness also help enhance hair growth

3. Beetroot Juice

I am suffering from PCOS from the last seven years, but inspite of gaining weight, I’ve lost weight leading to anemic situation and irregular periods. I personally hated beetroot, but after reading its benefits, I am regularly taking it and, to my surprise, I’ve gained weight and also noticed a natural blush on my cheeks.

Healthy Juices for Gorgeous Skin and Healthy Hair4

You Need:
• One or two beetroots
• Carrot or apple
Cut both ingredients into pieces and blend finely. Squeeze the juice and discard the pulp. Carrot and apple can be added to enhance taste.

• Beetroot is a treasure of Vitamin A, C, K. It is high in folic acid and manganese
• Daily consumption of beetroot helps to detoxicate your body, leaving a natural glow on your face
• Beetroot eliminates itchy scalp and dandruff, promotes hair growth and enhances shine

4. Bottle gourd/ Lauki Juice

Lauki is very common vegetable available in kitchen. So, why not incorporate this wonder veggie in our daily health drink shots?
Healthy Juices for Gorgeous Skin and Healthy Hair

You Need:
• Half or one Lauki
• Mint leaves
• Salt
• Ginger
Add the above mentioned ingredients in a blender. Add one cup of water and blend finely. Strain the juice in another utensil and you have your lauki juice ready!

skin lightening juices

• Lauki is a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, sodium, iron and potassium
• Daily intake of lauki helps clean toxic substances from body giving you spotless skin
• Lauki helps to reduce dandruff and greying of hair

5. Indian Gooseberry/Amla Juice

Last but not the least, small Amla is a little wonder for beautiful skin and hair.
You Need:
• Few Amlas
Healthy Juices for Gorgeous Skin and Healthy Hair1

Cut amla and remove the seeds. Blend it in a mixer and strain the juice with the help of a clean cloth.
• Amla is a storehouse of Vitamin C, and helps to achieve even toned, non-pigmented skin
• Amla strengthens, conditions, cleanses the hair
• It also helps reduce early greying of hair


• You can find sealed cans of many of the juices, but always prefer fresh juice
• Drink juice as soon as you extract them, do not store them
• Morning is the best time to take these juices

Try these healthy juices for flawless skin and gorgeous hair and see the changes that they bring to you within weeks.

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6 thoughts on “5 Healthy Juices for Flawless Skin and Gorgeous Hair

  1. I drink a lot of fluids, be it water, an iced tea, tang or juices. Among these juices, beetroot and lauki sounds good. I used to drink them earlier but stopped when I moved. This is a really good post Sheetal, welcome 🙂

    1. Thank you Garima…. start this drink ‘shots’ asap… no need to drink a full glass but just few sip is enough 🙂 🙂

  2. I used to drink amla juice and then stopped having it, don’t know why, Need to start having it again. I always have beetroot and carrot juice daily in winters. I too have PCOS and one wrong medicine made me gaig way too much weight. 🙁

    1. Hi, Shikha … I have all the opposite symptoms of PCOS….I am not overweight but I am underweight despite this I am suffering from PCOS… I sometime took karela juice and sometime beetroot juice … these juices really helped me lot to gain weight 🙂

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