Heel Condoms: Shoe Fashion Trend

Have you people heard of heel condoms? I am sure some of you must have and those who havent heard about them yet, here is my post on this latest shoe fashion that is slowly picking up world over.
heel condoms
Heel condoms are created by a Spanish girl named Sandrysabel Ortiz and she is just 23 years old. She has a Bachelor’s Degee in Finance from the University of Puerto Rico and has worked with Wall Street & Citigroup. Her creation- heel condoms are basically pretty strap like slip-ons made up of lace, flowers, frills, bows, Knots, sequins etc. You can simply cover the heels ( like condom Auugh.. that’s why the name) of your stilettos with these heel condoms to give them a super cool and fashionable look. These also help to make your old pair of stilettos look completely new. Any pair of tied & weary shoe can be easily transformed with the help of these. As Ortiz has said “ If we dress up why not dress up our shoes?”.

heel condoms stilettos
These heel condoms are also meant to protect the heels of our beloved stilettos from unsightly marks and scuffs, that simply looks so uncool. With these the heels are protected in style. These comes in different styles such as feathers, animal prints, polka dot, solid color, flowers, shimmering studs etc.
Where these pretty things are being liked by people all over the world it is there name that is not being liked by most. Quite obiviously the name is intentionally being given to these to create a stir or hype around these. Beyond being distasteful the name definitely dont go with the feel of this product. I personaly do not have a problem with the present name, but for sure have liked them more if they were given an stylish- girly kind of name.
These are also being covered in Indian media.I wonder what response will they get here, the product as well as the name! Here our govt. is pushing the real condoms by advertising for health benifits & population control and forcing the people to say the – C word, it would be really interseting to see the response here. And if you dont mind then please imagine the dupe of these being sold (hanging on the stalls and you asking for them) at Janpath here in Delhi, I wonder how the sellers would recite the word and how the girls would bargain !!!
As you might have noticed that there are two varitey of these one that actually covers the heel like the one just above and the second are strapy kinds that are tied at the back side of shoes without actually covering the heels (Like the first three pics).Both are equally beautiful and stylish.It is also heard that these are easy to make and can be made at home with the help of lace or frills and can also be secured with elastic bands. I think i cant do that but definitely see a lot of creative people doing this very soon.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of Heel Condoms that I can see-

Advantages of Heel Condoms

• Trannsforms old pair of stilettos.
• Comes in different color and stuff.
• Enables a single shoe to be worn in different ways.
• Shoes can be macthed with clothes of different colors.
• Provides diff. color of shoes with single pair especially benifical while traveling.
• Protect heels.
• The strap styled one gives a better grip of the stilettos by securing them firmly.
• Dont hate me for this- but these heel condoms are reuseable!!!

Disadvantages of Heel Condoms

• The Name
• The Name
• The Name.

They have an online store and that says they deliver worldwide. (Allthough I not very sure about India).
Price: $20-$30

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  1. looks cute. But I can imagine the SA’s face if I ask about heel condom (if he doesn’t know anything about them) :stars: :stars: :lol2: :lol2:

  2. wow these are great!! what an idea!! and i think the name is fine as well.atleast its creating some buzz and is a great marketing idea..loving this.. i want these so bad now!!

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