Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks Black Black Mascara Review

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helena rubeinstein lash queen mascara review

Claims :

Inspired by the unique depth of feline eyes, Helena Rubinstein has created LASH QUEEN FELINE BLACKS.
Its original combination of a volumizing formula and a lash separating brush offers the most demanding women a new dimension to their lashes. Intense, tamed volume and daring length, this mascara offers the power of deep and irresistibly captivating feline eyes.
An absolute must, with its unique, pioneering design, LASH QUEEN FELINE BLACKS is a huge success all over the world. A leopard skin is drawn onto its golden-glinted metallic tube. Brown spots are printed using pad printing, a process which makes every tube of mascara totally unique.

Available in 2 colors : Black Black and Black Brown

My Experience with Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks Black Black Mascara

I was introduced to Helena Rubinstein brand after reading a review by Sumera on IMBB HERE.And while travelling to Europe most luxury makeup stores had a HR counter. So I thought I’d give it a go. I picked up two mascaras from the range but started using them in August this month. I have been using both mascaras either together or on their own all this month. It’s high time I reviewed them before I get tempted to try something new. 😛

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Let’s start with the packaging. It is a gorgeous matte gold with leopard print packaging. I am not sure if I love it but all I can say is that it never gets lost in my makeup kit. 😛 Totally easy to locate and I like that about it.

The brush applicator has shorter bristles on the very edge while the bristles are slightly longer as you go towards the end. The scattered bristles of the applicator helps coat every single lash evenly and it also helps in keeping the lashes separate.

The formula is neither too wet nor dry. It holds on to the lashes well. the version I have is not waterproof so sometimes I see it being smudged at the corners at the end of the day.

The mascaras is mostly a volumizing mascara but it gives okay volume. When you combine this mascara with a lengthening mascara, then is when you get a bang on result. Plus then you don’t feel the need to apply any false lashes. On it’s own it is okay.

The mascara does not make lashes crunchy, it looks natural, does not give spidery lashes. The mascara pretty much stays on all day long and comes off easily with an eye makeup remover. It also holds the curl very well. My lashes look pretty darn curled after 6-7 hours as well.

It has never caused any sensitivity to my eyes.

The only thing is that this mascara takes a little while to dry on the lashes. May be 20-25 odd seconds. I have ended up ruining my under eye concealer way too many times with this one. 😛

It is a very black mascara but I have used blacker mascaras than this one.

It does not add much length to the lashes.

A good mascara but I am not wowed by it. It works great in combination with a lengthening mascara. On its own I feel it’s just any regular volumizing mascara.

Rating : 3/5

helena rubeinstein lash queen mascara

helena rubeinstein lash queen mascara wand


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12 thoughts on “Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks Black Black Mascara Review

  1. ooh! The Leopard Printzeees! <3
    That is one pretty looking mascara! But if for the price you weren't impressed then we won't even look at it on counters 😛

  2. OMG that print!!! It is SUPER gorgeous, I love leopard print on everything – clothes, shoes, bags – it is impossible that I wouldn’t pick up this mascara as average as it is! 😀 But atleast I’ll know that I’m only paying for the packaging and not feel duped!

  3. The packaging is indeed va va voom Rati… but as u said, I would agree that there are better mascaras out there…. I love you honest reviews about High End brands too.. Lovely EOTD as hamesha…

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