Hello IMBB : What is one hair care secret that you’d tell your best friend?

Hi Everyone, 🙂

How was your Sunday? It’s time for Hello IMBB  :))


Tell me “What is one hair care secret that you’d tell your best friend?” 🙂

Always use a hair conditioner. I think growing up I never used a conditioner but started using a conditioner during college days. It makes such a huge difference and keeps hair tamed and moisturized. Especially the conditioner prevents the ends of the hair from looking dead and lifeless.


9 thoughts on “Hello IMBB : What is one hair care secret that you’d tell your best friend?

  1. Find an oil (by trial and error) that totally suits your hair type and give yourself a hot oil massage regularly with it. For me it’s coconut oil, fyi. 🙂

    I love your tip too Rati, I never ever skip conditioner, specially because my hair is prone to frizz and gets tangled very easily.

  2. If you want hair volume and soft curls, toss/flip your hair upside down, take a paddle brush, brush through using a blow dryer
    then roll them inwards(towards your forehead) till you make a bun and clip the bun securely, open after an hour and tada, volume, curls and more!
    works magically for finer hair mainly who really want volume

  3. My sunday was amazing Rati, how was yours?
    My one secret for my hair care routine will be to oil hair every single time before every wash. Not really a secret is it? 😛 My actual secret is to use very little vaseline on my hair ends after every wash on towel dried hair to join the split ends together.
    Sounds weird but works like wonders!!

  4. very nice custom shade…
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  5. sorry the comment was for lipshade post and due to the above mentioned problem the comment is interchanged

  6. I wan2 spill one of my “hair-secret” to u all, as u all r almost like my Bffs now.
    I lost my mom last year, as a result of which i went into depression & it nearly ate me out. I lost about 10kgs & mere baal bohot zyada patle ho gaye the (and it’s a sad thing for any girl). So about six months ago i decided to make my own hair-oil, no matter how long it takes to show real “asar”. I mixed hibiscus petals, powdered methi, pieces of amla with coconut oil and boiled the concoction. I hav been using only this till today & trust me..it saved my hair & my life. it worked like wonders! Much much lesser hairfall, zero dandruff & thick hair guaranteed. I use it before shampoo every time, u can try it too. I love my hair now 🙂

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