Hello IMBB : What’s your weekend makeup look?

We are starting this new series on IMBB, where we would like to know your little opinions and thoughts on all topics related to women. It’s like a little chit-chat you know… may be grab a cup of coffee while you read and write comments.


So tell me “What’s your weekend makeup look? “

My makeup look is mostly dependant on the mood or occasion. If I am kinda dressing up sexy, I’d go for a smokey eye. If I am just going to meet a friend, I’d keep it soft and natural or sometime would pop on a bold lip color. So it has nothing to do with weekend as such but more to do with how I want to dress up or whom I am going to be spending my time with.

Tell me, about you. Do you have a specific weekend makeup look that you go for? 🙂

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27 thoughts on “Hello IMBB : What’s your weekend makeup look?

  1. Hi Rati, even or me makeup depends on my mood. Since I have hectic weekends mostly running around shopping, my makeup would be more of sunscreens,powder foundations, a light shade lipstick and loads of kajal, more of the comfort makeup 🙂

  2. Inspired by u all am mostly in for balm primer and just loose powder touch up. Enjoying nude make up first day of weekend. 🙂

  3. If I am going out with friends then compact, Kohl eyes with maybelline baby lips or gloss and when with fiancée then CC cream eyeliner and gloss ( I am addicted to gloss these days)

  4. delhi is soo hot these days… Wearing makeup is something i cant even think about… So fresh face with some kajal and statement lips depending on my outfit is something i prefer. I try to keep my mood up by styling my cloths during dis hot time

  5. As per the weather I stick to my bb cream, baby powder, kajal and a lip stain or balm. Skipping lipsticks this season. No glitters but lip color are bright ones 🙂 I keep my hair in side braid or high bun with front fringe. I stick to wearing palazzo with tank tops or shorts or skirts. No denim full pants!

  6. Since its so hot these days, I am loving coral lip colors and blushes 😀 with no eye makeup except mascara.
    Rati can you please tell me which blush shade would go with a pinky nude lippy? 🙂

  7. Noting specific for weekends.. I always go for the thick kajal stroke under my eyes and bold orange lips with matt foundation or my favourite maybelline bb cream for that natural complexion!

  8. When i think weekends…i think smoky eyes, with a hue of purple, blue or green…and sometimes with or without nude lips.
    I’ve been experimenting with eyeshadows lately (with the help of your tutorials) 😀

  9. My daily makeup to work is primer, foundation, concealer, compact, light pink lipstick/ tinted lip balm, brown eyeliner, eyebrow pencil. Only change on weekends is brighter lipstick and bronzer/blush.

  10. Hey this series is a fantastic idea !!
    My weekend makeup consists of bb cream, concealer, compact powder, blush sometimes, lippie, Kohl, sometimes coloured eye pencils and loads of mascara 🙂

  11. Well its so hot these days that i would prefer using my sunscreen and a compact on it with a tinted lip balm …less is more 🙂

  12. I’m really into Dr Perricone’s makeup range this summer. I love his ‘No Blush Blush’ and am completely loving Josie Maran’s foundation that changes its colour to become your skin tone. These are all so light weight I can even wear them to the gym! But I always start with Blossom Kocchar’s sunscreen first and end with a lip gloss. Loving the Moxie range because they’re all so tingly 🙂

  13. Im loving matte bronzed skin recently with bright coral or Bright pink lips along with neutral eyeshadows!

  14. Interesting series..
    Weekend during day time.. Lotus colorkick kajal and tinted lip balm. It is so hot in rajasthan, i cant even think of wearing any more makeup.
    Last Evening was revlon colorstay concealer, tbs mineral powder foundation, chambor brown tattoo liner, revlon stain balm. With some nice ozonic perfume like ck eternity summer. Candy apple red or milky neonish orange on toe nails. Fingernails just glossy top coat.

  15. My weekend look tends to be a lot more experimentative since I have limited options for work 🙂 weekends are when I try on eyeshadow, brighter lip colours and funky nailpolises!

  16. Since weekend is all about shopping and hanging out in the dreary summer.. I like to put my favourite BB cream, brush up some mascara and kajal and a soft lip tint. It is better to play up with your clothes in summers.. Pastels, florals and experimenting with new styles. It is better to stuff up some cocktail rings and a pair of sexy earrings in your bag if you have plans of dinner.

  17. My make up base remains same just that in summers I add an additional step of dabbing my fresh face with astringent to control oil and then apply sunscreen –> Lakme CC Cream–> Compact to set it up and a little hint of blush for that natural flush. Loads of mascara and lipstick or tinted lip balm, depending upon my mood, occasion and dress.

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