Help in Choosing the Right Shade of Foundation

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Nivedita Asks

I’ve always used Lakme foundations as they are perfect match for me. My shade is Lakme Invisible foundation 02. I want to try out something from Revlon. Does anybody has any idea what my shade would be? If I have some kind of idea before hand it helps to avoid being victimized byt the SAs. You know how they can be like.

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9 thoughts on “Help in Choosing the Right Shade of Foundation

  1. Since the most foundations show their finally finish after one or two hours on skin, it´s best to get a trial version/goodie version of the product. The most brands offer a small amount of the products in trial sachets. If they don´t have any of these, ask the staff at the Revlon Counter if they could give you some product(s) for testing – they can take it from the testers. In Europe the Counters had special jars for this but they have no permission to do it anymore (has to do with the EU law, means: The ingredients have to be listed even on small trial jars; if they are not the staff is not allowed to give it to you). If they don´t have any jars, get some and take them with you when visiting the counter. :-*

    May I ask why do you want to try a new foundation?
    When it comes to foundations, usually everybody says: Never touch a running system 😉

  2. Hi Nivedita. I love Revlon Colorstay liquid foundations for daily use. It gives good coverage and matte look. They have foundations according to your skin type. Oily/Combination or Normal/dry.
    Do try the shades on your jaw line instead of hand. Its difficult to say which shade would suit you without seeing you but I think since you are fair you should try Sand Biege.
    But still I would suggest to try 2 or 3 shades before deciding on it.

  3. Ok..I am the first one jumping to comment..coz may be I had maximum number of wrong shade disasters :headbang: :headbang: ..nowadays..I only trust one test: swatching the foundation along jawline and blend..if that area looks brighter/darker than the face or is anyhow distinct ..I try another shade/type (suiting my skin type)

    1. As for suggestions..I will fully support Revlon New Complexion the correct shade..Revlon Colorstay also gets superb reviews..I use Revlon New complexion in Sand beige,easy to blend and long staying :yes: :yes:

  4. 1/don’t buy online…go to a store and try it on…

    2/test it on ur neck area..cos u want the same shade on the face and neck…so that it looks even…

    3/try it in day light…apply it and go out of the store and check how it looks in sunlight…most stores have false lighting…

    4/if you choose a foundation in the summer when you have a tan , it may be too dark in the winter, so many people have two foundations .

    5/also choose a foundation according to your skin type(oil,dry,combo,sensitive etc)…and also according to how much coverage you want!(sheer,medium…)

    6/try it on a clean face…not on skin that already has some foundation/bronzer/blush etc…

    7/try 2-3 shades …the one that disappears is the right shade…

  5. If you don’t find your best shade in Revlon, you could try Maxfactor as well. I especially love their Second Skin foundation (790/- for 30 ml). It is very easy to blend and doesn’t give my oily skin any breakouts. It is not matte though, but I like it that way. :woot:

  6. Hey Nivs,
    If u don’t get the shade that matches ur exact tone,u could try using a trick.Get urself a foundation that is one shade darker and another one that is one shade lighter.Then mix both of them up to match ur skin color.U can also add a bit of moisturizer to custom fix the exact coverage that u want. :bravo: .Just make sure both of them are of the undertone that u have..wrong undertones can cause disasters with this trick.

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