Herbal Essences Ends On The Mend Keratin Serum Review

Hair-type: Dry and damaged/thin/coloured

Hello sweeties,

Herbal Essences has been one of my favourite brands when it comes to hair care. I have tried quite a few serums from them in the past and have absolutely loved them. I picked up this serum because the name was super catchy. But see whether it actually worked for my split ends or not.

Herbal Essences Ends On The Mend Keratin Serum

Price: $6.99/Rs 470 for 125 ml
Kick split ends to the curb with Herbal Essences Ends on the Mend Keratin Serum. This pomegranate-scented serum gives your hair a total damage do-over, bringing back smoothness and shine for dull and split-end prone hair. Work the silky serum through your dry or damp tresses to boost shine and add manageability whether you style your hair or let it air dry. Ends on the Mend Keratin Serum protects your hair against heat-styling damage, high humidity, and frizz so your smoothest, softest strands can shine through.

Herbal Essences Ends On The Mend Keratin Serum details

My Experience with Herbal Essences Ends On The Mend Keratin Serum:

Packaging: The serum comes in a very pretty packaging and it does look gorgeous. It comes in a see-through bottle with the funky label over it with the names and juicy pomegranates. It has a pump dispenser which lets out the perfect quantity for each use. The bottle is very travel-friendly and sits nicely on my shelf too. These serums have some variants but my eyes were glued to this because of its quirky name.

Herbal Essences Ends On The Mend Keratin Serum name

Consistency and smell: The consistency of the serum is a bit runny but thick at the same time too. Pumping a lot of quantity might make the hair greasy due to its moderate thickness. But it evenly spreads on my hair covering all the hair strands. The smell is something that I absolutely love about this one. It smells like a fruity milkshake to me; it smells of very fresh and juicy berries and pomegranates. It revives my senses totally the moment I pump the serum out. And the smell also lasts in my hair for a couple of hours which is really great especially during summers.

Herbal Essences Ends On The Mend Keratin Serum dispenser

Results: I apply the serum on my wet hair because it is a bit thick for dry hair. It detangles my hair very nicely without leaving any kinks or knots. It adds a boost of freshness to my hair. After drying, my hair becomes very noticeably soft and extra smooth. The comb goes easily in my hair and the rubber band slips off. It adds a very nice shine to my dry and dull hair. My hair looks super fresh and bouncy. Also, my hair looks damage free and healthy every time I use this. I could see my split ends being less visible after a long use of this serum, but yet I could notice a few. I wasn’t expecting it to mend them, but the results were pretty good. My hair did look repaired to an extent with the split ends being less visible. So overall, a great one to try!

Pros of Herbal Essences Ends On The Mend Keratin Serum:

• Super cute see-through packaging.
• Classy and handy bottle.
• One pump gives the perfect quantity.
• Spreads evenly on my hair.
• It just smells amazing; it smells fruity of berries and pomegranates.
• The scent lasts in my hair for a few hours.
• Does not make my thin hair greasy or oily.
• Gives instant shine and noticeable softness to my hair.
• Takes away all the brittleness and dullness.
• There is no sign of damage or frizz.
• Does work up to a good extent on split ends.
• Does everything that a good hair serum should.
• Affordable.

Herbal Essences Ends On The Mend Keratin Serum swatch

Cons of Herbal Essences Ends On The Mend Keratin Serum:

• Limited availability in India.
• Will not mend the split ends completely.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Herbal Essences Ends On The Mend Keratin Serum?
Absolutely yes! This is one amazing serum to get gorgeous hair. If not this in particular, a repurchase of any Herbal Essences Serum is sure to happen.
Conclusion: If you haven’t tried herbal essences hair-care, then do give them a shot, you are going to love it.

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