Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo Review

I had started using SLS and silicone free shampoo since winters last year. It was doing well for my thick curly and black hair. I go for SLS shampoos in summers or whenever I need a squeaky clean feeling. This was my obvious choice not only because it comes with a perfect description of my hair but because I have used it in past and my hair love this shampoo a lot.


Product’s Claims:

Are you happy go loopy? Happiness goes around. My curly shampoo is essential to a curl’s life with a cleaning that’s totally springy. My curly shampoo formula, with a fusion of wild cherry twist and jewel orchid, makes curls and waves lush and defined. For manageability crucial to curls, turn to my conditioner.

Price: Rs 190 for 300 Ml

Where to get Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo: Easily available in all cosmetic shops and online.

My experience with Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo:

As I told you I have used this shampoo in past for almost a year and owing to good experience I chose to come back to it. Before I begin to tell you what a treat it is for my hair, I want to tell you my expectations. I am in love with my curly and voluminous hair and hence I expect 3 things from my shampoo; the natural characteristics of my hair stays intact (curls and volume), cleans them well and does not strip them off moisture.


Now it’s a purple colored decent creamy shampoo which lathers well on application. Even if you have barrels of oil in your hair, you wont require a second wash with this (experience may be different for others). Now coming to my expectations. First since it’s meant for my type hair, it does maintain the curls in my hair the way they are. Only shampoo does not define them either but when I use it in combination with conditioner I am more or less happy with the results. This product gives me more volume and does not make my hair dry but again this is an overall experience in conjunction with conditioner. Third and the last it does give you squeaky clean scalp. All in all it’s a perfect shampoo for me without a great hurt on pocket. The quantity is sufficient to last you 3/4 months with 3 usages a week.

Tip: Always dilute your shampoos in water before using it or work in hands for lather and then apply.

Pros of Herbal Essences Totally Twisted shampoo:

• Fulfills my expectations
• Quite economical in terms of price
• I love their packaging with all the texts written in back. Reading them in shower is my favorite thing to do


Cons of Herbal Essences Totally Twisted shampoo:

• Results are best when used with conditioner
• Chemicals

IMBB Rating: 5/5 ( for thick, curly and voluminous hair)

Will I buy it again or recommend Herbal Essences Totally Twisted shampoo?

Yes definitely.

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  1. i dont have curly hair, so have not tried this… *nababana* but have tred all the other shampoos and conditioners.. *hifive* they have the best fragrances *happy dance* *haan ji*

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