Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Spray Gel Review

Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Spray Gel Review

I have seen Herbal Essences products around in supermarkets and drugstores. The colours as well as the shape of the bottles attracted me, but I have been using L’Occitane shampoos for the last couple of years and have never looked backed at drugstore shampoos mainly because of the high sulphate content and the similarity to detergents. Additionally, I have also heard bad reviews about Herbal Essences shampoos, so I have always stayed away from their shampoos and conditioners. However, I had used the long term relationship hair mask from Herbal Essences and found it to be a reasonably good hair mask.


I have seen the “Tousle Me Softly” range of hair care from Herbal Essences and there were spray gels, mousse as well as hair sprays from this range.  “Tousle Me Softly” might appeal to you if you like soft, natural waves, almost like sexy bed hair. I have naturally wavy hair but I like to keep the root part straight and get waves at the ends. I purchased the tousling spray gel from the “Tousle Me Softly” range and that is the product I would be reviewing today. My hair has become dry because of the weather and also from ironing, so styling hair without the use of heat has become my current quest. I opted to buy this over the mouse or the hair spray because I thought a spray gel will give a better tousled look on towel dried hair.

Spray Gel 1

Product Description:

My hair spray gel is a messy-style master on a mission to blast frizz and fight for more flexible hold. Use me wet or use me dry. Either way, my violet splash fragrance and lightweight, targeted hair spray gel will keep your hands away from stickiness. I lay the foundation for a tousled hair look and soft, touchable locks. To really get a hold on this style, finish with my hair spray.

Spray Gel 2


I purchased this when Coles had a special offer on Herbal Essences products for AUD 5.


170 ml.

Spray Gel 3

My Experience with Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Spray Gel:

First of all, like all Herbal Essences products, this spray gel looks cute. It might be the colour or the packaging, but its definitely a treat to the eyes. The product smells divine , it smells of violet and leaves your hair smelling pretty the whole day. I spray this on towel-dried hair, scrunch it, and leave it to dry. For each time, quite a bit of amount is needed, may be because this is a spray gel. When I do this, I feel I do get a tousled look towards the mid-end lengths of my hair and the effect lasts long on my hair (almost till I wash my hair next), but this might be because I have naturally wavy hair. However, it doesn’t reduce frizziness of the hair much. I also use this for touch-ups during washes to make my hair more disciplined (to look styled even if I don’t use heat).  This product doesn’t make hair stiff or crunchy like hair sprays and doesn’t coat the hair with a layer of product that your hair weighs down. However, this product makes my hair dry, which might be because of the alcohol content in the product.

Spray Gel 4

Overall, this product tousles hair and makes it smell lovely, but it also dries hair (my hair might be dry because of other reasons such as sun exposure,weather, heat styling, but I feel this also contributes).

Spray Gel 5

Pros of Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Spray Gel:

  • Can be used wet/dry to give hair a tousled naturally wavy look.
  • Smells of violet and smells lovely, fragrance lasts quite a while.
  • Extremely affordable product which is easily available in supermarkets/drugstores.
  • Does not make hair stiff or crunchy like other hair products.

Spray Gel 6

Cons of Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Spray Gel:

  • Contains alcohol, so it can dry hair.
  • Does not control frizziness as claimed.
  • Might have to use the hair spray along with this product for lasting results.
  • Contains methyl paraben.
  • Quite a bit of product is needed each time to get the tousled look; however, this is not a major con because of the price.

IMBB Rating:


This is quite an “above average” product. It does tousle my hair, but it also dries a bit and doesn’t reduce frizziness.

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