Herbal Panchvati Cream Review

Herbal Panchvati Cream Review

Hi all, today I will be reviewing Panchvati Herbal Care’s herbal Panchvati Cream. My mom’s friend suggested her to get it in order to get rid of my acne marks. So, my mom purchased it immediately. This was my first ayurvedic product, and, I must say that I had a very good experience with this cream 

Herbal Panchvati Cream

What The Product Claims:
To treat pimples, acne, black patches and removal of marks such as small pox marks, etc. Regular use will provide fairer, healthy and glowing skin.

Ingredients Used:
Herbal Panchvati Cream is a fully herbal cream developed as an Ayurvedic/Unani medicine. The list of all the herbs used was however not available on the pack.

Quantity: 10 gm.

Price: Rs. 70/- .

Directions For Use:
1. The most important tip given with the pamphlet of the product instructs to use the cream in extremely small quantities. Also, according to the pack, one pack should last for around 70 applications.
2. Apply the cream at night before going to bed, after washing face thoroughly with face wash.
3. Dip your hand in the cream and take out a small quantity about the size of a small grain of wheat.
4. Spread the cream gently by rubbing it in circular motions such that it spreads over the maximum possible area. If any sort of sweating is experienced, then the cream is responding towards your skin.
5. Wash your face properly next morning. Now, take cold milk and rinse your face with it. Wash your face after a few minutes and then apply the cream again. This cream can be applied around three times in a day.



Texture and Packaging:
The packaging is very simple and unattractive. It comes in a small bottle along with a pamphlet, which has the directions. It is white in color and has a very thick cream-like consistency. It has a mild medicinal smell.

If your skin develops a rash, redness or swelling even after applying a minute amount of the cream, then you should stop using the cream immediately.

My Experience with Herbal Panchvati Cream:

I have been applying it twice daily. Fortunately, it suited my skin and I didn’t get any rashes. I apply a very thin layer on my face and follow it with a moisturizer at night. I am unable to get raw milk, so every morning I clean it with cleansing milk. If I use it during daytime, then I follow it with a sunscreen. I don’t have any noticeable small pox marks on my skin, so I can’t assure if it will help get rid of it.



Pros of Panchvati Cream:

• It reduces the marks or spots due to acne. I had acne on my hands due to dandruff and it reduced them 
• Fully ayurvedic product. It doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients.
• It helps to even out your skin tone. Earlier, my jaw area was of a different color from my cheeks. Now, it has helped to even out those areas to some extent.
• It removes tan from your face thereby making it look clearer.
• Low cost.
• A very small amount is enough for your entire face and neck because the cream spreads a lot and forms a thin invisible film on your face. So, it’s very long lasting.

Cons of Panchvati Cream:

• It may cause itchiness or unhealthy skin during the initial phases of its usage.
• A very small quantity is more than sufficient for your face. If a thick layer will be applied, then it can prove to be harmful for your skin.
• Does not contain any sunscreen.
• It is not easily available in departmental stores. I think it may be available in ayurvedic shops.
• It doesn’t make your skin any fairer. It clears your skin but your complexion is not improved.
• It is not moisturising in nature. So, it needs to be followed by the application of any moisturiser at night.

Will I Repurchase It?
Yes, it’s cost is very reasonable and it suits my skin. So, I will definitely buy it again.

Rating: 3.5/5

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11 thoughts on “Herbal Panchvati Cream Review

  1. This sounds great..though sounds a bit concentrated from its directions of use..I have mild acne scarring that is taking long to go. I’ll see if I can find this somewhere. Thanks fr reviewing 🙂

  2. Great review! :thumbsup:
    But the instructions are a little intimidating. 😐
    I have no real use for this as of yet…But I’ll keep it in mind,in case I ever need it. 😀

  3. me too Rati….strange na about sweating! I wud never use a cream which makes me sweat :((
    Great it worked for you Urmila 🙂

  4. I know the instructions are a bit scary. That’s why I applied it to my neck for a week before using it on my face just to check if I don’t develop any problems. Fortunately, it worked for my face too. I didn’t experience any extreme sort of sweating. It just gives you the feel that its working. And, the best part was that it evened out my skin tone 🙂

  5. Hey Urmila.
    Nice review…i just want to ask where did u buy this product from and where it is available.i want o try out for my acne scars.please let me know.thanks in advance

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