Hibiscus Hair Mask for Hairfall: DIY

Hibiscus Hair Mask for Hairfall: DIY

Hola Ladies

Today I will be sharing a DIY hair mask which I have been using for quite some time for hairfall. It is summer and I face a severe hairfall due to dust and pollution. We all know how good hibiscus is for hair and how well it can treat hairfall. Not only its leaves but also the flower is very beneficial in reducing hairfall. This DIY is a simple 3-step process.


Things you will need:

• Red hibiscus flower
• Yogurt
• Rosemary EO ( you can choose lavender or ylang ylang too)
• Clean bowl/spoon



Step 1: To make the hibiscus powder, take some flowers and dry them in the sun for 2 days without allowing moisture to ingress. Once the flower dries the crush the flower petals and then further grind them to make a fine powder.


Step 2: Now take 3 big tablespoon of yogurt in a clean bowl and add 1 tablespoon of hibiscus powder. You will see the powder releasing pink color. Now add 3-4 drops of rosemary EO.


Step 3: Mix everything well and keep it aside for a minute till the hibiscus powder releases its color and makes the mixture slight pink in color. Now the mixture is ready to use.




This mask is something I swear to when it comes to hairfall as hibiscus helps in reducing hairfall, yogurt provides nourishment to your lifeless hair and rosemary promotes hair growth and strengthens them.

Trust me it is very effective. Use it twice in a week and you will notice a nice shine and fullness in your hair.

P.S: If you do not have essential oils, you can use any other hair oil like coconut, olive or almond.

Hope this was helpful!! Until next time stay beautiful.

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26 thoughts on “Hibiscus Hair Mask for Hairfall: DIY

  1. Heyyyy superb DIY *woot* *woot* *woot* i am currently using a tonic for hairfall but will use this mask with the tonic … *hifive* i hope it stops or reduces my hairfall too *happy dance* *happy dance*

      1. Hey Nisita … 😀 the tonic name is lotus herbals kera veda hairroots active herbal tonic… its been reviewed already here… you can check it out… *hifive* have used it only for 4 days so can’t really comment on how effective it is… but it gave good results to the lady who reviewed it here *drool* so trying it *hifive*

  2. looks yumm *drool* had used hibiscus leaves just once wen i was a kid..i can still remember its effectiveness…tempted to try dis..great one radhika,thanks for sharing *hifive*

  3. woww radhika…so different and effective diy..can we add curry leaves to it? i have heard tht curry leaves are also very effective..

    1. Hey Jyoti *thankyou* …even I have heard abt the goodness of curry leaves but not sure whether together they will work well or not…thought u can add amla to it…. *pigtail* *pigtail*

  4. Hey Jyoti *thankyou* …even I have heard abt the goodness of curry leaves but not sure whether together they will work well or not…thought u can add amla to it…. *pigtail* *pigtail*

  5. This seems to be really useful radhika!!! thanks a lot radhika!!! *clap* *clap* ….. if you have any home hair masks for frizzy hairs.. do upload *haan ji* *haan ji*

    1. *thankyou* Mishti…m glad u like it…well I do not have frizzy hair,,,but you can try using egg, olive oil and honey pack…m sure it will work… *haan ji* good luck *happydance*

  6. Im facing severe hair fall these days..am sure gonna try this…im badly in need of this…thanks so much for sharing Radhika

  7. Can curd b used in place of yogurt?? I have been wondering for quite some time whether curd can replace yogurt in most of the DIY hair packs.. Could u please help me out?? 🙂 And thanx for sharing this wonderful procedure 😀 Can’t wait to use it.. Hopefully this will finally reduce my recent hairfall problems ^_^

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