How to Hide Thick Legs

How to Hide Thick Legs

Each one of us might have some flaws we might need to work upon a little, to hide. We have all kinds of flattering clothes we could use to hide thick legs as well, not just clothes, shoes contribute to concealing and camouflaging thicker calves.Take a look at some basic principles to hide thick legs.

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Color,shape and pattern of what you wear,all contribute to create the illusion of thin and well-proportioned legs. With trial and error, you would be able to find a style that is perfectly cut out for you.

For thicker thighs, avoid boxy pants and capris at all cost.Deeper colors in longer shapes, unlike capris add to adding an illusion of longer leaner legs.Avoid loose short capris.

Opt for shorter tops instead of longer looser ones that add to the width of the legs. Longer tops which might be loose at the thighs or so on will only add to thickness of legs.

Flowy fabrics which might be flowing at the right place, your thighs or part of the legs where you need concealing, work great,opt for such flowing skirts to hide thicker legs.

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Dark and washed jeans in a straight fit style helps to draw attention away from the legs at the same time making legs appear leaner.Opt for pants with vertical stripes, you know how this one works.You can avoid larger pant styles and pick up flowing stylish skirts instead.

For skirts, like mentioned, opt for flowing fabrics, A-line skirts rather than body fit ones ending at the calves are better. Longer skirts work well if you are not short.If they end below the knee, there will be an equalizing effect on the legs, making legs look uniform.

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Pick nude heels and shoes,suede works fine for thicker legs to add to lean leg illusion and avoid combat boots for sure. High heels seem to help balance proportions. Peep-toes work great having the quality of shifting the attention from calves to beautiful feet. Chunky heels are better instead of narrow ones.If you don’t wear heels, choose flats with ankle straps. Ask for calf flattering footwear.

Remember darker colors are your friends when it comes to slimming illusion, not just black, but brown and smokey grey help too.

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  1. Great tips neha madam. *hifive* .love d way u have written.. *clap* I totally love deep colo r pants illusion *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. please jomol, publish a most on how to conceal broad midriff!!! because you look more older and fat than you actually are in such case…. *waaa*

  3. please neha and jomol, publish a most on how to conceal broad midriff!!! because you look more older and fat than you actually are in such case…. *waaa*

  4. I wish i cud have read it before purchasing shiffon pants that too in broad prints.. *headbang* I hope i will keep these things in mind for my heavy thighs.. *thankyou*

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