Hidesign Giveaway!

Who doesn’t know Hidesign? Handcrafted fine leather products- bags and wallets- in pretty colors. One of the most fashionable brand from India. No wonder we have been wanting to steal some things from the brand for our readers also. And when we asked the Hidesign team, their generosity blew our minds away. While we were thinking of prizes for 2- 3 readers, the Hidesign team sent us prizes for not 2 or 3 or 5 winners but 10 winners! Whoa!!

And what prizes! Each of the 10 winners gets

1. One Hidesign Leather Wallet (Details HERE) AND
2. One Hidesign limited edition leather bound diary with the Hidesign Crest embossed on the cover and gold foiling on the spine.

And here’s the awesome giveaway




Winners would be announced on Sunday, 26th January.

So what are you guys waiting for?! Go and participate in the Facebook giveaway!!

And if you still haven’t, Like the Hidesign Facebook page by clicking on the button below:

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Please remember that this is a Facebook giveaway. You have to comment and participate on our Facebook page


35 thoughts on “Hidesign Giveaway!

  1. I say its a beautiful giveaway …. if I win wallet or dairy.
    dairy for me and the leather wallet I give to my mom ๐Ÿ™‚
    done like, shared ,comments and tag.
    wish to win.
    Thank you

  2. I am not there on facebook *headbang* *headbang* anyways no regret IMBB has given me such beautiful gifts *happy dance* *happy dance* good luck to all the ladies *happydance*

  3. this is the first time i have participated in a giveaway organised by imbb. omg it is such a proud feeling to participate in such giveaways. it is such a great blog. loved it

  4. Awesome giveaway *oye balle* Hope to win this. *happydance* .. and if I win wallet or dairy the leather wallet me and my Mom use together and the Lovely Dairy i give to my dad..

    Liked Shared and tag all done
    Wish to win… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Done!!!
    I have never won anything,but winning this would be just so great-I am such a sucker for both;quality stationary AND wallets ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks a lot IMBB ๐Ÿ™‚
    sincerely hope,lady luck smiles on me this time [fingers,toes-everything crossed he he!]

  6. for the first time in my life i am participating in something on Facebook…i do not like updating regular stuff of my life every 10 minutes on a social network..i am like a dormant Facebook user..but this is something special so i took the plunge ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. *woot* they are gorgeous!!
    *scared* *scared* no idea if I’d be lucky enough to get one…
    Either ways, thanks for the contest girls, participated in a contest after ages…
    Was fun.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Beautiful wallet and dairy. I am fond of wallets so I keep for myself *happydance*
    I love cooking so I keep dairy for writing recepies. If I won this gift I want to keep myself.

  9. *happydance* Wow, dats a grt offer to avail! Its nice to use as well as to gift hidesign vallets n diary. So rush to avail this lucky opportunity *ghost*

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