High Ponytail with Poof: Tutorial

High Ponytail with Poof

Hey girls high ponytail with the puff is in nowadays.

1.Wash you hair with shampoo and conditioner. usually I wash my hair with Loreal paris Intense smooth shampoo and conditioner.

2.once you dry the hair, use Loreal paris smooth intense hair serum or any serum which suits you and straighten the hair using the straightning iron or you can blow dry the hair because high ponytails doesnt look good on frizzy hair.
high ponytail with poof
3. First we need to puff the hair. For that take partitions of the hair just above the middle of the eyebrow (on both sides of course) and backcomb the hair, just like in the pic (we need to comb the hair backwards i.e comb the hair towards the roots.Also called as back teasing the hair. Please remember, we do this only on the back of the hair so that we can get the volume). Use a volume hairspray on the back of the hair where we comb the hair backwards,so that it stays like that. Slightly comb the hair only on the front, so that we dont leave any shorthair and use a hairspray on the front too.

hair puff

hair puff

4. Now twist the hair a little and clip it on using a small clip to get the poof (don’t use a big or a jazzy hair clip becuase we need to grab the attention towards the ponytail and not the accessories) or pin it using a hair pin. I am using a hairclip because I have thin hair and doesnt sit properly with the hairpins. so you can use whichever suits you better.

5. Now comb the remaining hair towards the back into a high ponytail (trust me high ponytail looks much better than the normal one) using a black band which I show in the pic and use the hair spray once again all over the head so that we dont leave any short hair alone.
black band


6. The last step would be, take a small strand of hair on the back of the ponytail and cover it on the rubberband and pin the end of the hair using a hairpin or a u-pin. covering the rubberband with the hair gives you a sophisticated look.
rubber band
Anyone can wear with this hairstyle especially for the people who has round face and sometimes it suits for the oval face shapes too. This hairstyle suits much better on the working women. Its so neat and sophisticated.
high ponytail final
For a casual wear you can wear a hoola hoop rings or a long ear rings.

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21 thoughts on “High Ponytail with Poof: Tutorial

  1. awesome tutorial!!! i liked th idea of covering rubber band with ill try this tomw :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:

  2. OMGG!! I always see girls doing that and i have never been able to do this correctly :struggle: :struggle: I will try this pakka. I weally weally wanted to know this. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. :mirror: u knw i wnted to do it long back bt :methinks: nvr tried as i thought need lotsh of practice for tht :whistle: bt tis is luking so easy :waytogo: wud try tis :joker: :thanks:

  4. i want to try this krupa but i have very thin hair & silky too :struggle: can i do dis ?:) but it suits u yaar :thumbsup: :thumbsup: post sume more styles also ๐Ÿ˜‰ :thanks:

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