9 Uncommon but Highly Useful Ways to Use Clear Nail Polish

How is the holiday prep going on? I’m going to spend my holidays in Rajasthan with my family, and I am super excited. We all tend to ignore the clear polish in our nail paint stash. However, it has various uses which can come very handy in our daily life.

Clear nail polish

1. Protect Jewellery

9 Uncommon but Highly Useful Ways to Use Clear Polish2

When artificial jewellery comes in contact with various body fluids, it becomes tarnished. To protect it, coat it with a thin layer of clear polish. It will also protect your skin from rashes and sensitivities from the jewellery.

2. Fix Laddered Tights

9 Uncommon but Highly Useful Ways to Use Clear Polish

Every woman is acquainted with holes in tights which grow into long ladders. To slow down the laddering process, coat the fibres in the hole with a layer of clear polish. If you are lucky, you might make it to the end of the day without any ladders. 😉

3. Maintain Belt Buckle Shine

Did you know all those belt buckles you throw out as they lose their lustre can be avoided? Just coat a thin layer of clear polish on the buckle and it will look new for ever.

4. Repair Loose Jewellery Stones

9 Uncommon but Highly Useful Ways to Use Clear Polish1

It’s annoying when jewellery stones from clothes and accessories fall off. When they get loose, coat a layer of clear polish on its underside and it will not fall from it place.

5. Thread A Needle

We all face trouble while threading a needle. To make it easy-peasy, twist the end of the thread and dab it in clear polish and thread it in.

6. DIY Waterproof Labels

We all have jars with labels which get smudged when comes in contact with water. To make these labels waterproof, coat them with a layer or two of clear nail polish.

7. Limit Salt Intake

Those who have a problem of intaking too much salt due to the large holes in the salt shaker, this one is for you. A few holes can be covered using a clear polish. Just take a little clear polish and cover a few holes in the shaker to avoid excess salt.

8. Prevent Unravelling of Shoelaces

9 Uncommon but Highly Useful Ways to Use Clear Polish4

Once the shoelaces wear and tear, the unravelling process becomes quicker. Dab clear polish on the shoelace and hold it while it dries. Trim the ends and make it look new again.

9. Smoothem Splintered Surfaces

Wooden splintered surfaces can be very irritating and can damage clothes as well as skin. For a quick fix, cut the splinter with a scissor or a knife and paint the surface with a clear polish. This will prevent damage without spoiling the look of your furniture.

So these are the clear nail polishes that are excellent and very useful. How many did you know?

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